Keysight 34832A Benchlink Pro

Obsolete - not available
Keysight 34832A Benchlink Pro
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Replaced by ▸Keysight BenchVue.

Keysight BenchLink Data Logger Pro software for the 34980A provides a convenient way to collect and analyze your data. The software is a Windows based application that uses a familiar spreadsheet environment to define measurement data to be collected. The tab-based format makes it easy to set up multiple scans and initiate scans based on predefined limits. Simply identify the measurements you want to acquire, define limits and actions to be preformed, and then initiate the process. Your data is then collocated, evaluated and acted on real-time.

  • Quick test setup and execution.
  • Create multiple scan lists.
  • Execute different events based on predefined limits.
  • Use advanced math formulas.
  • Collect, monitor and manage data.
  • Present data on a single or multiple graphs.
  • Export data to other applications for presentation and analysis.

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.