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Item available at short notice. Delivery Time ~10-25 workdays
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Benefits of the Keysight PathWave BenchVue Instrumentation Software Platform

  • Control your Keysight devices from a PC without programming.
  • Available as complete control collection or individual apps for various types of devices.
  • Flexible licensing according to your demand. Corresponding licence included with many Keysight instruments!

Keysight PathWave BenchVue - The "Control Room" for your Keysight Measurement Instruments

The intuitive PathWave BenchVue PC software is easy to use: Configuration, control, acquisition, transmission and visualization of measurement data from many Keysight instruments made easy! No programming is required. The software also gives fast and structured access to user manuals, FAQs, sources and videos. With PathWave BenchVue you can even monitor and control your Keysight devices via Android or Apple iOS mobile devices (depending on App).

  • Control Keysight measurement instruments from your PC or mobile device - no programming required.
  • Configure, acquire, output, export, visualize data and more.
  • Visualize multiple measurements simultaneously.
  • Easily capture data, screen shots and system state.
  • Measurement data export to Excel, Word and MATLAB with three clicks.
  • Datalogging and stripcharts for digital multimeters and power-supplies.
  • Waveform selection and output control for waveform-generators.
  • Data can be used across devices within a product family, e.g. drag-and-drop signals between oscilloscopes and waveform-generators.
  • No programming required.
  • No additional instrument drivers required.
  • Access to a variety of sources: Documents, FAQs, Videos.
  • Supported interfaces: USB, GPIB/IEEE488, LAN, RS232.
  • BenchVue Mobile for use with mobile devices (Android or Apple iOS).
  • BenchVue software platform and mobile app available via free download. Flexible app licencing.
  • Corresponding licence included with many Keysight instruments.
  • BenchVue: Launch BenchVue platform, then launch the app within platform.
    PathWave stand-alone apps:Launch from desktop.

A device/serial numer related BenchVue licence is included with many Keysight measurement instruments. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control these instruments, and automate test sequences. It's so easy:

  • Order new instrument incl. BenchVue licence.
  • Receive instrument incl. BenchVue info flyer.
  • Download BenchVue software platform or (depending on device) use stand-alone app.
  • Connect instrument to BenchVue and activate licence with device serial number (online and offline process possible).
  • Benefit from the BenchVue advantages; multiple instruments, multiple PCs.

Keysight PathWave BenchVue Features Overview

PathWave BenchVue Plattform and Stand-alone Apps Comparison

Stand-alone PathWave apps (PS, DMM, FG, Scope)Existing BenchVue platform apps
Supported instrumentsSee apps (includes ▸EDU series)See apps; ▸EDU series not supported
Apps installation and launchingLaunch from desktopLaunch BenchVue platform, then launch the app within platform
Features and UISame features, more responsive UI
BenefitsSmaller package, better navigation, intuitive; written in C#Availability of more apps on the platform, compatible with test flow; written in .Net/C#

List of BenchVue Apps

BenchVue Basic Software Platform
BenchVue Mobile App
▸BV0001BBenchVue Digital Multimeter App - stand-alone app
▸BV0002BBenchVue Function Generator App - stand-alone app
▸BV0003BBenchVue Power Supply App - stand-alone app
▸BV0004BBenchVue Oscilloscope App - stand-alone app
▸BV0006BBenchVue Data Acquisition App
▸BV0007BBenchVue Power Meter/Sensors Control and Analysis App
BV0010BBenchVue FieldFox App
▸BV0011BBenchVue Universal Counter App
▸BV0012BBenchVue Electronic Loads App
BV0013BCurrent Analyzer Control and Automation App
BV0014BBenchVue LCR Meter Control and Automation App
▸BV0021BBenchVue USB Modular DMM Pro
▸BV0022BBenchVue USB Modular Function Generator Pro
▸BV0023BBenchVue USB Modular SMU Pro
▸BV0024BBenchVue USB Modular Oscilloscope Pro
▸BV0025BBenchVue USB Modular DAQ Pro (U2300, U2500, U2600 Serien)
▸BV9201BBenchVue PathWave Advanced Power Control and Analysis, single instrument connection
▸BV9200BBenchVue PathWave Advanced Power Control and Analysis, 4 instrument connection
▸BV9211BPathWave BenchVue Advanced Battery Test and Emulation - single instrument connection
▸BV9210BPathWave BenchVue Advanced Battery Test and Emulation - 4 instrument connection
▸BV9001BBenchVue Complete Control Collection (Package of all Apps, also incl. Spectrum Analyzer and others)
▸BV0110BBenchVue Lab - Manager App
▸BV0111BBenchVue Lab - Client App
▸BV9111BBenchVue Lab - Manager App
▸PW9111EDULab management and control collection bundle
▸PW9112EDUPathWave Lab Operations for Remote Learning

How to order Keysight BenchVue - for example for your existing insturments

  • Step 1: Choose your bundle/app(s).
    Select a bundle or app(s) from the table, depending on whether you want to use BenchVue for all your Keysight bench instruments or for certain dedicated instrument only.
  • Step 2: How to choose your license terms and type.
    Call our sales team and tell them for example: "I want an app that can be used in my lab or my desk (2 computers) and we'll need the app indefinitely" (ie. transportable perpetual). Our sales team will quote you the best app(s) for your requirements.
  • Step 3: Choose a paper or electronic delivery of your license entitlement certificates.
  • Step 4: Place your order.

Keysight BenchVue Supported Devices (excerpt)

  • DAQ/Logging: DAQ970A, 34970A, 34972A.
  • Digital multimeters: 344xxA (10 models).
  • Signal generators: 332x0A (3 models), 33500A (10 models), 33600A (4 models).
  • Power supplies and SMUs: B2900 (4 models), B2961A/B2962A, E3600A (14 models), E36100A (5 models), E36300 (4 models), N5700 (24 models), N670xA/B/C, N6705A/B/C and modules, N6785A, N6786B.
  • Spectrum analyzers: N932xB/C (2 models).
  • Electronic loads: N3300A/N3301A, 6060B.
  • Oscilloscopes: 1000-X series, incl. EDUX, 2000-X series, 3000-X seies, 3000-T series.
  • Counters: 53210A, 53220A, 53230A.
  • USB Modular: DMM (U2741A), signal generator (U2761A), SMU (U2722A/U2723A), oscilloscopes (U2701A, U2702A), DAQ (U2300, U2500, U2600 series).

View a complete list of the supported devices at the ▸Keysight web site.

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.