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Mobile Mini Temperature Data Loggers

Measurement, storage and wireless transfer with BlueCubes TEMP TK and Pt100

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Date: January 2018
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Topic: Wireless mini data loggers at Meilhaus Electronic GmbH
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Press release:

Alling, January 2018 - The BlueCubes TEMP TK and Pt100 are wireless mini temperature data loggers and now available from Meilhaus Electronic. The award-winning measuring cubes feature an edge length of barely 3 cm and a weight of approx. 26 g. They are battery-powered and therefore ideal for mobile application. Last but not least, they are easy-to-use thus lending themselves to be controlled not only by specialists but by laymen also. Free-of-charge iOS and Android Apps facilitate a comfortable configuration of recordings. External thermocouple sensors type K (BlueCube TEMP TK) or type Pt100 (BlueCube Pt100) let the user measure and store temperature data which can afterwards be transferred via Bluetooth. The mini loggers' field of application is wide and ranges from food control in supermarkets, restaurants or commercial kitchens to monitoring of machines, servers or motors and all the way to laboratory use.

The BlueCube TEMP TK's measurement range spans from -200…+1300 °C and its measurement accuracy is at +/-2 °C (-200…+700 °C) resp. +/-4 °C (+700…+1300 °C). The BlueCube Pt100's measurement range spans from -200…+550 °C and its measurement accuracy is at +/-0,8 °C. Data transmission is carried out wirelessly (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) with a maximum distance of 10 m. The data format is EXCEL-compatible. There are no ongoing costs related to the BlueCubes as they are independent of mains voltage. The cubes' batteries distinguish themselves by their long service life and data is saved for 10 years, even without batteries. The measurement and storage interval can be programmed for a span of time between 1 s and 24 h. The start delay can be selected for a span of time between 1 s and 6 months. There are custom-made versions and IP ratings available. An optional Bluetooth 4.0 WLAN-Bridge allows for a sensor data transmission to the internet (IoT). The sturdy mini data loggers can be purchased at Meilhaus Electronic, for example in the online shop


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