Micsig ACP1000 Current Clamp Probe

Micsig ACP1000 current clamp probe
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Micsig ACP1000 Current Clamp Probe

The Micsig ACP 1000 is a current clamp probe for the Micsig tablet/portable oscilloscopes of the ATO, STO, and TO series as well as other oscilloscopes with BNC. With an additional optional BNC-to-banana adaptor (not included) the probe can also be used with multimeters.

Model Overview

Rated output100 mV/A, 10 mV/A, 1 mV/A
Frequency10...100 kHz
Rated burden≥100 kΩ
Accuracy grade3% ±10 mV/2% ±5 mV/1% ±1 mV
Test current range0.1...1000 A
Operating frequency10 Hz...100 kHz
Max. primary current2000 A (2 s)
Output signalmV/A
Highes precision1%
Operating temperature-15...+75°C
Safety classCAT III 600 V
Max. conductor size52 mm
Dimensions (mm)111 x 216 x 45
Output cable1.5 m BNC insulated coaxial output cable can connect directly to an oscilloscope. Can also be used with multimeters with optional BNC/banana adaptor

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