980PB PROFIBUS Digital-I/O Modules

980PB BusWorks PROFIBUS Digital-I/O Modules
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Benefits of the BusWorks 980PB Series DIN-rail Mountable Digital-I/O Modules for PROFIBUS

  • Rugged, industrial I/O modules for PROFIBUS.
  • Discrete or port digital-I/O.
  • DIN-rail mountable modules.

980PB PROFIBUS BusWorks Digital-I/O Modules

Models 981PB, 982PB, 983PB

The Acromag 980PB series are digital-I/O modules with RS485-based PROFIBUS to control switching processes or acquire (switching) statuses. Depending on the model they offer 12 discrete inputs or outputs.

  • 12 discrete digital inputs or outputs.
  • DIN-rail mountable modules.
  • Supply power: 12...36 V DC.
    Isolated, 3-wire RS485 multidrop, half-duplex, asynchronous.
    Protocol: PROFIBUS DP (master/slave).
    Baudrates up to 12 Mbit/s depenging on bus distance, automatic baudrate detection.
  • Optional compact DIN-rail mountable power supplies.

Model Overview

Model Inputs Outputs
981PB-2012 12 discrete/digital, active-low, 0...35 V -
982PB-2012 - 12 discrete/digital, sink, open drain
983PB-2012 12 discrete/digital inputs/outputs, see 981/982PB

Included: Module, instructions for use.

Model Overview - Other Module Series

Series Features
▸960PB BusWorks PROFIBUS remote-I/O modules with single-ended or differential analog inputs for DC-current or voltages or thermocouple inputs or RTD inputs
▸970PB BusWorks PROFIBUS remote-I/O modules with analog outputs for DC current or voltage
▸980PB BusWorks PROFIBUS remote-I/O modules with discrete digital inputs/outputs