B+K Precision MR Series Multi-Range Programmable DC Power Supplies

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Benefits of the B+K Precision MR Series Power Supplies up to 3 kW or 5 kW

  • Multi-range programmable DC power supplies up to 1000 V or 120 A.
  • Remote sensing feature.
  • Variety of interfaces: USB, RS232, GPIB, Ethernet/LAN/LXI.

B+K Precision MR Series Multi-Range Programmable DC Power Supplies

Models B+K Precision MR3K160120, MR160120, MR25080, MR50040, MR100020

The B+K Precision MR series are 3 or 5 kW multi-ranging, single-output programmable DC power supplies. They offer up to 1000 V or 120 A in a compact 2U form factor and are well suited for both bench use and automated test system applications. The MR series offers multi-range functionality and provides users with added flexibility in the form of additional voltage and current combinations, capable of replacing multiple fixed-range power supplies. The MR series provides a wealth of features, such as a wide range of industry standard interfaces combined with excellent regulation and low noise characteristics.

  • Programmable DC power supply.
  • Output up to 1000 V or 120 A.
  • Multi-ranging operation, capable of replacing multiple fixed range power supplies.
  • Compact 2U form factor.
  • Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS232, GPIB, and LXI compliant Ethernet/LAN interfaces.
  • Galvanically isolated analog control and monitoring interface.
  • Protection features: OVP (over voltage protection), OCP (over current protection), OPP (over power protection), OTP (over temperature protection), foldback protection mode, and key-lock function.
  • Adjustable voltage and current slope (rise and fall time).
  • List mode: 10 user-defined setups with up to 100 programmable steps each.
  • Built-in SAS function for storage of up to 101 I-V curves with Voc, Isc, Vmp, Imp, parameters and 4096-point table.
  • Remote sense to compensate for voltage drop.
  • Master/slave mode operation provides up to 50 kW with 10 units connected in parallel.
  • Control up to 30 power supplies from one PC.
  • Soft panel software for remote control, test sequence generation, and data logging included.
  • cTUVus certification mark fulfills CSA and UL safety standards.

Model Overview

Multi-ranging (autorange)
Max. output voltage160 V160 V250 V500 V1000 V
Max. output current120 A120 A80 A40 A20 A
Max. output power3 kW5 kW5 kW5 kW5 kW
Load regulation80 mV/180 mA80 mV/180 mA120 mV/50 mA200 mV/40 mA250 mV/25 mA
ProtectionOVP, OCP, OTP, OPP (overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, overpower protection)
InterfacesUSB (TMC/VCP), LAN/Ethernet/LXI, GPIB, RS232, Analog

Included: Multi-range programmable DC power supply MR 3K160120, 160120, 25080, 50040, or 100020, power cord, user manual (download), test report, and certificate of calibration.

Optional accessories: RKPVS rack mount kit, SASPVS SAS software.