B+K Precision 1696B, 1697B, 1698B Programmable DC Power Supplies

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Benefits of the 169xB Series DC Power Supplies up to 200 W, 60 V or 10 A

  • Power supplies up to 200 W (max. 60 V or max. 10 A)
  • Large back-lit LCD.
  • Easy to use, reliable and safe with OVP, OCP, OTP protection features.

B+K Precision 1696B, 1697B, 1698B Programmable DC Power Supplies

The BK169xB Series of compact 200 W DC power supplies are equipped with programming and protection features commonly found in more expensive performance instruments. Programming features include list mode for repetitive operation and 10 user-configurable voltage/current presets for quick recall. These benchtop power supplies also support adjustable voltage and current limits to protect the device under test. Operating software is included for list mode set up and logging measurement data. Any of the three models in this series can be combined for multi-unit control of up to 31 power supplies.

  • Built-in 4 digit voltage, current, and power meter.
  • List mode (timed programming): Program up to 20 steps.
  • Automatic CV/CC crossover operation (constant voltage/current).
  • Protection features: overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP), overtemperature (OTP) and key-lock function.
  • Store up to 10 voltage and current combinations for quick output.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Convenient control with front panel numeric keypad, rotary control knob, and a dedicated V-set/I-set button.
  • Large back-lit LCD.
  • Thermostatically-controlled fan with linear-speed control to minimize fan noise.
  • USB and RS485 interfaces, supports basic SCPI commands.
  • Control up to 31 power supplies from one PC through RS485.
  • Suitable for many applications including repetitive test routines in R&D, production testing, product evaluation, or in education environments.

Model Overview

Voltage1...20 V1...40 V1...60 V
Current0...10 A0...5 A0...3.3 A
Max. output power200 W
Ripple and noiseVoltage: ≤30 mVp-p/≤6 mVRMS; current ≤10 mARMS
Protection featuresOvervoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP), overtemperature (OTP), key-lock function
Operation featuresBuilt-in 4 digit voltage, current, and power meter; list mode (timed programming, up to 20 steps); automatic CV/CC crossover operation
InterfaceUSB, RS485
DisplayBack-lit LCD
Dimensions (mm)193 x 98 x 215; 3 kg

Included: Power supply BK 1696B, 1697B, or 1698B, PC software, RS485 adaptor, USB cable, and test report; optional accessories: RS232 to RS485 adaptor (ATR-2485).