Ceyear 1660x Series Noise Sources

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Benefits of the Ceyear-16603/16604 Coaxial Solid-State Noise Sources up to 50 GHz

  • Wide frequency band from 10 MHz to 50 GHz with excellent values of Excess Noise Ratio/ENR.
  • The Ceyear-16603 standard series also supports third party noise figure analyzers*.
  • The ENR values can be automically loaded with the use of Smart Noise Sources.

Ceyear 1660x Series Noise Sources

The Ceyear series 1660x are solid-state coaxial noise sources in the frequency range of 10 MHz to 50 GHz. They have the advantages of a wide frequency coverage, small output voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and excellent flatness of output excess noise ratio, etc. The smart noise sources adopt the I2C bus-technology to realize the automatic download and improve the measurement speed. Equipped with digital temperature sensor, it is convenient for the host to automatically monitor the change of ambient temperature and can be used to correct the temperature of the noise figure measurement and improve the measurement precision. The standard noise sources require a +28 V pulse voltage drive. The Ceyear solid-state noise sources and noise figure analyzers are used together to provide a complete solution for the measurement of the noise figure of microwave millimeter wave frequencies.

  • Wide frequency coverage and excellent flatness of output excess noise ratio.
    The upper frequency limit of the series coaxial noise sources can reach 50 GHz.
  • The value of excess noise ratio can be automatically loaded after the smart noise source connecting with noise figure analyzer.
    The smart noise sources adopt I2C bus-technology with built-in electronic memory to store the data of frequency-dependent excess noise ratio.
  • Real-time temperature detection.
    The smart noise sources have a built-in digital temperature sensor, which can monitor the real-time change of the ambient temperature, and can be used to correct the temperature of the noise figure measurement and improve the measurement precision.
  • Perfect calibration system for accurate calibration and periodic verification of noise source excess noise ratio.
    The microwave and millimeter wave noise sources calibration system is established and the automatic test software is developed to realize the automatic calibration of excess noise ratio of the noise source and to facilitate the periodical verification of the noise source.

Noise sources are devices that can generate a random continuous spectrum signal. A well-operated noise source should have a stable output noise power and a homogeneous power spectral density within a specified frequency band.

Model Overview

ModelFrequency rangeExcess noise ration rangeOutput VSWROutput connectorDriver interface
16603DA10 MHz...18 GHz5...8 dB<1.30:13.5 mm (male)Standard driver interface
16603DB14...17 dB
16603EB10 MHz...26.5 GHz12...17 dB<1.35:13.5 mm (male)Standard driver interface
16603FB10 MHz...40 GHz12...19 dB10 MHz...18 GHz <1.35:1, 18...40 GHz <1.45:12.4 mm (male)Standard driver interface
16603HB10 MHz...50 GHz10...19 dB10 MHz...18 GHz <1.35:1, 18...50 GHz <1.50:12.4 mm (male)Standard driver interface
16604DA10 MHz...18 GHz5...8 dB<1.30:13.5 mm (male)Smart driver interface
16604DB14...17 dB
16604EB10 MHz...26.5 GHz12...17 dB<1.35:13.5 mm (male)Smart driver interface
16604FB10 MHz...40 GHz12...19 dB10 MHz...18 GHz <1.35:1, 18...40 GHz <1.45:12.4 mm (male)Smart driver interface
16604HB10 MHz...50 GHz10...19 dB10 MHz...18 GHz <1.35:1, 18...50 GHz <1.50:12.4 mm (male)Smart driver interface

Included: Noise source 1660x, noise source driver cable, excess noise ratio calibration data, manufacturer's certificate.

The Ceyear-16604 only supports Ceyear-3986 noise figure analyzers.