Ceyear 4945 Radio Test Set up to 3GHz

Ceyear 4945 Radio Test Set up to 3 GHz
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Benefits of the Ceyear-4945 Series Multifunctional Radio Analyzer

  • Multianalyzing radio communication device with frequency up to 3 GHz.
  • Multiple RF testing functions like frequency error measurement, RF signal source, etc.
  • Options for audio signal analysis, frequency hopping, vector signal generation, digital sequence analysis, bit error rate, etc.

Ceyear 4945 Radio Test Set up to 3 GHz

The multifunctional and portable Ceyear 4945 series radio communications test set offers functions like

  • frequency hopping signal generation and analysis,
  • vector signal generation and demodulation analysis,
  • analog modulation signal generation and demodulation analysis,
  • audio signal generation and analysis,
  • audio oscilloscope,
  • automatic testing, and more.

The tester is capable of major performance testes on transmit and receiving of radio communication equipment, measurement and analysis on feature parameters of RF, modulation, audio, and digit etc. Wide applications of the tester cover

  • R&D,
  • production,
  • verification,
  • maintenance and repair,
  • testing on radio communication equipment, including short wave/ultra short wave radio stations, data link systems, communication and surveillance satellites, radio relay equipment,
  • military mobile carriers with radio communication terminals like communication vehicles, surveillance vehicles, vessels and ships, as well as external field tests.

Ceyear Series 4945 Main Characteristics

  • Multiple RF testing functions: Sweep spectrum analysis, broadband and narrow band power measurement, frequency error measurement, RF signal source.
  • Analog standard communication testing AM, FM, SSB signal generation and demodulation analysis. Equipped with graphic display of demodulation audio, SINAD, SNR, distortion degree, modulation rate and other measurement functions. The built in speaker outputs demodulation voice in real time. Modulation signal generator and modulation source support external audio and microphone.
  • Digital standard communication testing (option): 10 MHz bandwidth digital vector signal generation and analysis, bit error rate measurement, with real time output interface of digital demodulation.
  • Frequency hopping testing (option): 60 MHz transient bandwidth frequency hopping signal generation and analysis. Frequency hopping analysis supports measurements types like waterfall chart and frequency time. Single capture lasts 1.3 s at the bandwidth of 60 MHz and the time resolution is 10 ns.
  • Audio signal testing audio signal generation and analysis, the max. audio input level reaches 30 VRMS (high impedance), the max. audio output level reaches 7 VRMS (high impedance). Capable of measurements on frequency, level, SINAD, SNR and distortion degree; audio generation supports dual tone output; individual adjustment is avilable for dual tone frequency and amplitude, phase is adjustable relatively.
  • Dual channel oscilloscope (option) DC 4 MHz<./li>
  • Auto testing software on line editing of DUT (device under testing) parameters, auto pilot testing, yield of testing reports and other functions. The PTT control interface regulates transmit and receiving of DUT.
  • Built in attenuator with high power: The max. input power is as high as 150 W.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Diversified power supply modes: Standard configuration supports 220 VAC or 24 VDC, built-in lithium battery available.
  • Support network interface programming control
  • 10.4" large screen, resistor touch screen, English interface, interface colors setable.
  • Support simultaneous operations on multifunction windows, up to 4 windows can be operated at the same time.

Model Overview

ModelCeyear 4945BCeyear 4945C
RF signal generation frequency range1 MHz...1.05 GHz, 1 Hz resolution1 MHz...3 GHz, 1 Hz resolution
Broadband power measurement frequency range400 kHz...1.05 GHz400 kHz...3 GHz
Narrow band power measurement frequency range300 kHz...1.05 GHz*300 kHz...3 GHz*
Frequency error meter frequency range300 kHz...1.05 GHz*300 kHz...3 GHz*
Sweep spectrum analyzer frequency range100 kHz...1.05 GHz100 kHz...3 GHz
Resolution bandwidth30 Hz...3 MHz(1-3 stepping).
Demodulation and analysis of analog modulation signals frequency range300 kHz...1.05 GHz*300 kHz...3 GHz*
Demodulation and analysis of vector signals (optional) frequency range300 kHz...1.05 GHz*300 kHz...3 GHz*
Dimensions (mm)426 x 222 x 180; min. 12 kg

* low frequency depends on small IF bandwidth.

Included: Ceyear 4945 B or 4945 C, user manual/programming manual, power cord, N-BNC adaptor, N-SMA adaptor, TNC-SMA adaptor.