Keysight E36154A, E36155A 800W Power Bench Solution

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Benefits of the Keysight E36150A Series Auto-ranging Power Supplies up to 60 V or 80 A

  • 1-channel DC 800 W auto-ranging power supplies up to 30 V/80 A or 60 V/40 A.
  • Variety of analysis features such as datalogger, low range current measurement, scope view (option).
  • Variety of output features such as LIST, remote-sensing, ARB waveforms (option).

Keysight E36154A, E36155A 800 W Power Bench Solution

The Keysight E36154A and E36155A are auto-ranging power supplies up to 800 W with max. 30 V/80 A or 60 V/40 A. They deliver clean and reliable power with low output ripple and noise. The devices offer various extra features such as a datalogger function, LIST output, 4-wire remote sensing, C/V priority, low current measurement, peak power handling, a scope view (option), arbitrary waveform generation (option), and primary/secondary control.

An additional special feature is the detachable high current front binding post for easy and safe access to the output ports. It is compliant with IEC61010 and ensure safety for users and instrument with built-in thermal sensors and autoprotection mechanism.

  • 1-channel 800 W DC power supplies.
  • Two autoranging models 30 V/80 A or 60 V/40 A.
  • Clean, reliable power with low output ripple and noise.
  • Excellent programming/readback accuracy.
  • 12-month calibration interval.
  • Excellent line/load regulation.
  • 2-wire and 4-wire remote sensing.
  • Over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection.
  • Front and rear output terminals.
  • Detachable high current front binding post.
  • 4.3"/10.9 cm LCD color display.
  • Individual knobs for voltage and current.
  • Data logging built-in memory and front USB host.
  • Voltage and current traces measurements.
  • Output sequencing/synchronization with input/output triggers.
  • Low range current measurement.
  • Adjustable voltage slew rate.
  • LIST mode output.
  • Peak power handling.
  • Scope view and AWG waveform (together in upgrade option E36150ADVU).
  • Connectivity: USB Host and Device, LAN/Ethernet, GPIB/IEEE488 (upgrade option).
  • Software support: PathWave PS App BV0003B, BV Test Flow, BV Advanced Control and Analysis BV9200/1B.

Model Overview

ModelKeysight E36154AKeysight E36155A
Output power800 W
Max. voltage and current30 V, 80 A60 V, 40 A
Output noise5 mVRMS; 75 mVpp
Prog. accuracyVoltage: 0.03% + (6...10 mV); current: 0.1% + (10...20 mA)
Readback accuracyVoltage: 0.04% + (6...10 mV); current: 0.1% + (10...20 mA)
Load transient recovery1 ms
Prog speedUp: <12 ms; down: <25 ms
LIST outputYes
4-wire remote sensingYes
C/V priorityYes
Low current measurementYes (0...0.8 A); µA resolution
Peak power handlingYes, 3x power for >7 ms
Scope viewYes, 10 µs/256 kS
Arbitrary waveform generationYes, 512 setpoints
Primary/secondary controlPhase II
Adjustable slew rateYes
Software and automationBV0003B, BVTF, MIDAS and BV9201B
Display4.3"/10.9 cm color LCD
InterfacesUSB Host and Device, LAN/Ethernet, optional GPIB/IEEE488

Options and Accessories

▸E36150ADVUScope view and ARB waveform option (upgradeable)
▸UK6Commercial Cal with test result data (only with initial purchase)
▸1A7ISO17025 Cal with uncertainty (only with initial purchase)
▸SECNISPOM and file security (only with initial purchase)
▸R-50C-011-3Calibration plan - return to Keysight - 3 years - for E36150A series
▸R-50C-011-5Calibration plan - return to Keysight - 5 years - for E36150A series
▸R-51B-001-5ZExtended warranty - return to Keysight - 5 years - for E36150A series
BV9200/1BBenchVue BV Advanced Power Control and Analysis
▸E363GPBUGPIB interface module option (upgradeable)
▸1CXXXXARack mount kits, compatilbe with E36200 series rack mount kit accessories

3Y Warranty & Keysight CARE

Agilent's Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.