HIOKI BT3554 Series Battery Tester

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Benefits of BT3554 UPS and Lead-Acid Battery Tester

  • Diagnostic device for UPS and lead-acid batteries.
  • For battery terminal voltage measurement and battery internal resistance.
  • Conveniently control with Bluetooth and mobile app.

HIOKI BT3554 Series Battery Tester

HIOKI BT3554 series instruments are tester/diagnostic tools for UPS and lead-acid batteries. The internal resistance and voltage of the battery are measured using the impedance method. This allows diagnostics to be performed while the battery is connected to the load, i.e. without having to disconnect it from the host. The special noise suppression technology enables more accurate measurement, even in noisy environments. When the BT3554 is paired with the GENNECT Cross app, the mobile device provides audible announcement of the next battery number to be measured. This feature helps to avoid erroneous measurements. You can also specify measurement point information and battery numbers in advance to create profiles that link measurement data and diagnostic results. This feature simplifies data management, even when diagnosing a large number of batteries.

  • Tester/diagnostic tools for UPS and lead-acid batteries.
  • Measurement by the impedance method.
  • Measurement of battery pole voltage measurement (DC voltage), battery internal resistance and optional temperature.
  • Comfortable support by mobile app. Coupling via Bluetooth (included or optional depending on package).
  • Measuring time 100 ms, response time approx. 1.6 s.

Model Overview

Measurement parametersBattery internal resistance measurement, battery terminal voltage measurement (DC voltage only), temperature measurement (when using optional 9460, 9451, or 9451S)
Voltage rage6 V, 60 V
Resistance range3 mΩ, 30 mΩ, 300 mΩ, 3 Ω
Temperature (option)-10...60°C/14...140°F
Measurement time100 ms
Response timeApprox. 1.6 s
Additional accessories included-
(basic device without test leads, without wireless adaptor)
Straight pin type lead 9465-10
(without wireless adaptor)
Angled pin type lead L2020
(without wireless adaptor)
Straight pin type lead 9465-10,
Z3210 wireless adaptor
Angled pin type lead L2020,
Z3210 wireless adaptor
InterfacesUSB; all models Bluetooth-ready; depending on the bundle, the Bluetooth adaptor Z3210 is included or has to be ordered separately, see row above
Power supply8x AA alkaline battery (LR6)
Dimensions (mm)199 x 132 x 61 (with protector Z5041 installed); 960 g (incl. batteries and protector Z5041)

Included: BT3554-50 basic device, C1014 carrying case, Z5041 protector, Z5050 fuse set, 0 adj board, neck strap, USB cable, software GENNECT One (CD), 8x alkaline battery (LR6), user manual.
Option required for Bluetooth communication with mobile devices: Z3210 wireless adaptor.
Bundles -51, -52, -91, -92: Additional accessories/Bluetooth option see table above.