HIOKI MR6000 Stand-Alone Modular Memory Recorder

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Benefits of the MR6000 Memory Recorder with High Measurement Capabilities and Fast Transfer Rates

  • Modular, stand-alone design with a wide, clear touch screen display.
  • Up to 32 channels analog to 128 channels logic.
  • Depending on module high voltage inputs, high-speed inputs.

HIOKI MR6000 Stand-Alone Modular Memory Recorder

The HIOKI MR6000 is a portable high-speed memory recorder with high measurement capabilities. It offers a maximum of 32 channels analog to 128 channels logic, 200 MS/s (16 channels) sampling, 1 GWord memory (1 channel), and 12/16/24bit A/D resolution. The device has USB, SSD option, and an SD-card slot. With a wide touch-screen display and front-panel with buttons the MR6000 works as a stand-alone device. The MR6000 is the main unit of this modular system that can integrate up to 8 input modules. A wide selection of modules is available.

  • High-speed memory recorder with up to 32 channels analog to 128 channels logic.
  • Modular design with main unit MR6000 and up to to ▸8 input modules (wide selection available).
  • 200 MS/s (16 channels, high-speed unit) sampling, 1 GWord memory (1 channel), and 12/16/24 bit A/D resolution.
  • USB, SSD option, SD-card slot.
  • Portable stand-alone device with touch-screen display and front-panel with buttons.
  • Capture momentary phenomena by performing isolation measurement.
  • Save data in real time while measurement continues.
  • Version MR-6000-01: Built-in real-time waveform calculation and other functionality.

Model Overview

ModelMR6000 (standard)MR6000-01
Number of input unitsMax. 8 units
Number of channelsMax. 32 analog channels (when using the U8975), or 128 logic channels (when using the 8973)
Additional function-Real-time waveform calculation, digital filter calculation
Measurement ranges (20 div full-scale)10 mV...400 V f.s., 12 ranges (when using the U8976), resolution: 1/1600 of range;
4 V...200 V f.s., 6 ranges (when using the U8975), resolution: 1/32000 of range
Max. allowable input400 VDC (when using the U8976), 200 VDC (when using the U8975)
Frequency characteristicsDC...30 MHz (when using the U8976), DC...2 MHz (when using the U8975)
Max. sampling rate200 MS/s, all channnels simultaneously (when using the U8976);
external sampling: 10 MS/s
Recording methodsNormal: Normal waveform recording; envelope: Record maximum and minimum values every fixed period
StorageStorage memory capacity 1 GWords;
removable storage (HIOKI storage medium recommended) SD memory card, USB memory x7, SSD/HDD (built in the main unit);
FTP transmission (to LAN-connected computer)
InterfacesLAN, USB, SD, SATA, monitor output
Power supply100...240 VAC (50/60 Hz); max. 300 VA
Dimensions (mm)353 x 235 x 155; 6.5 kg

Included: HIOKI memroy recorder MR 6000, power cord, quick start manual, precautions conserning use, application CD, instruction manual (CD, detail and calculation), blank panel (for blank slots only).

Model Versions and Compatible Modules

ModelDescriptionNumber of channelsFastest samplingBandwidthA/D resolutionDC accuracy (f.s.)Max. input voltageSensitivityMax. sensitivity range (f.s.)IsolationSupplement
MR6000 (standard)Main unit, 8 slots, max. 32 channels analog or 128 channels logic
MR6000-01Enhanced version with realtime waveform calculation, digital filter calculation
▸U8976High-speed analog unit2200 MS/sDC...30 MHz12 bit±0.5%400 VDC, 1000 VDC0.0625 mV100 mVYes-
▸8966Analog unit220 MS/sDC...5 MHz12 bit±0.5%400 VDC0.05 mV100 mVYes-
▸U89754-channel analog unit45 MS/sDC...2 MHz16 bit±0.1%200 VDC0.125 mV4 VYes-
▸U89784-channel analog unit45 MS/sDC...2 MHz16 bit±0.3%40 VDC3.125 µV100 mVYes-
▸8968High resolution unit21 MS/sDC...100 kHz16 bit±0.3%400 VDC3.125 µV100 mVYeswith AAF
▸8972DC/RMS unit21 MS/sDC...400 kHz12 bit±0.5%400 VDC0.05 mV100 mVYeswith RMS
▸U8974High voltage unit21 MS/sDC...100 kHz16 bit±0.25%1000 VDC; 700 VAC0.125 mV4 VYes-
▸MR8990Digital voltmeter unit22 ms-24 bit±0.01% rdg. ±0.0025% f.s.500 VDC0.1 µV100 mVYes-
▸U89773-channel current unit35 MS/sDC...2 MHz16 bit±0.3%Current sensor onlyDepends on current sensor-Max. 3 units
▸8971Current unit21 MS/sDC...100 kHz12 bit±0.65%Current sensor onlyDepends on current sensor-with RMS; max. 4 units
▸8967Temperature unit21.2 msDC16 bitsee detailed referenceThermocouples only0.01°C200°C (392°F)Yes-
▸U8969Strain unit2200 HzDC...20 kHz16 bit±0.5% ±4  µεStrain only0.016  µε400  µεYesDiscontinued product 8969 can also be used
▸8970Frequency unit2200 HzDC...100 kHz3)16 bit-400 VDC0.002 HzDepends on modeYes-
▸U8979Charge unit2200 Hz DC...50 kHz (DC); 1 Hz...50 kHz (AC)16 bit±0.5% (voltage); ±2.0% (acceleration)40 VDCDepends on acceleration sensorYesSupports TEDS
▸8973Logic unit4 probes (16 channels)--------Requires 9320-01, 9327 or MR9321-01
ModelDescriptionNumber of channelsOutput functionOutput voltage range
▸U8793Arbitrary waveform generator unit2Function generator: Sine, square, pulse, triangle, ramp, DC;
arbitrary waveform generation: Measurement waveform with memory recorder, waveform editted with the SP8000
-10...15 V
▸MR8790Waveform generator unit4DC, sine wave (output frequency range: 0 Hz...20 kHz)-10...10 V
▸MR8791Pulse generator unit8Pulse output: Frequency 0 Hz...20 kHz; logic output: Voltage level 0...5 V, open-collector; output terminal connector: D-sub, half-pitch, 50-pin