MCD Elektronik Product Line

MCD Elektronik test software, USB hubs and AudioAnalyzer

Test and Measurement

  • Testmanager-CE software development system for test system applications.
  • Toolmonitors: Software applications for various tasks. Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer with additional hardware.
  • USB hubs with special functions: 6 or 8 switchabel ports.
    Loadable ports, additional 8x MUX for supply power.

MCD T&M Software -
Toolmonitors and TestManager CE

MCD Toolmonitors

The MCD Toolmonitors are software Apps for Windows. Depending on the version they support a measurement device, a DAQ board or board series, I/Os, interfaces, visualization and more. The MCD Toolmonitors operate in three ways at the same time: As "stand-alone" Apps, as development environment or as an expansion module for the MCD TestManager CE. The MCD Toolmonitore offer...

  1. ...versatile user interfaces/panels that let you control measurement devices, I/O, interfaces and more - without programmimg, as independent "stand-alone" software Apps!

  2. ...a integrated skripting environemt that lets you enhance the Toolmonitors' functionality or helps you integrate the Toolmonitors into other software. You only need a little programming experience - no additional development environment required!

  3. ...the interface to TestManager CE: Embed the Toolmonitors directly into TestManager CE to create automated test sequences - intuitively and without programming!

List of Toolmonitors (Exerpt)

Model Ordering Code Description
Toolmonitor ME-PowerLab³ - - - Toolmonitor for the ME series DAQ boards, free/included with the boards.
Toolmonitor MEphistoLab² - - - Toolmonitor for the MEphistoScope UM202/203, free/included with the device.
Toolmonitor DataManager 113148 Data management, additional module for the TestManager CE. Access and evaluate the measured values, which are generated in the test mode.
Toolmonitor PicoScope 118948 Toolmonitor for the Picoscope 2000 series and many Picoscope 3000 series models.
Toolmonitor Multimeter 118949 Toolmonitor for multimeters with integrated multiplexing, for example Keysight 34970A/34972A multimeter, DAQ and switching system.
Toolmonitor Measurement Data Export 118950 With the help of this Toolmonitor, the systems produced in the MCD test data are exported as XML Files. For process control, the test results of upstream stations are re-imported.
Toolmonitor SerialLine 118951 Toolmonitor for interface I/O, supports RS232, GPIB (IEEE488, HP-IB, IEC), USB, TCP/IP, CAN, LIN, MOST, Visa.
Toolmonitor LVDS-Analyzer 118952 VideoAnalyzer for images transmitted via LVDS.
Toolmonitor Asys 118953 Communications between MCD test systems and ASYS plant controls.
Toolmonitor Telnet 118954 With the help of this Toolmonitor, automated telnet sessions can be controlled and the results evaluated.
Toolmonitor ULC 118955 The Toolmonitor for the ULC measuring card enables the operation and control of all functions provided by the measuring card.
Toolmonitor USB TestBoard 120735 Demo and experiment board with Toolmonitor.
Toolmonitor Graphical Analysis 121001 The Toolmonitor for the force/displacement measurement is a universal and flexible way to analyze force/displacement characteristic curves which are required for e.g. on the switch test.
Toolmonitor COGNEX Vision 121002 Sophisticated image processing tasks can be solved by connecting the COGNEX In-Sight Explorer System to the TestManager CE.
Toolmonitor Vision 121003 Toolmonitor for industrial image processing tasks, for example contour and location identification of components or testing of pictograms.
Toolmonitor BSCAN 121488 Simple and user-friendly application of CASCON-Galaxy driver libraries from Göpel Electronic. These libraries support the provision and evaluation of boundary scan tests with corresponding hardware .
Toolmonitor ReportManager 122353 Creation of report drafts and user-specific reports which record measurement results after a test procedure of the TestManager CE (the Toolmonitor ReportManager is basically an extension of the TestManager CE).
Toolmonitor Visu 122427 Toolmonitor for the visualization of operational and user interfaces in connection with the MCD TestManager CE.
Toolmonitor PowerSupply 122788 Allows the controlling and monitoring of various power supplies.
Toolmonitor CombiTest 150009 Integration of testing the wireless connections of many different devices into TestManager CE; especially for the "Non-Signaling-Test" sector (for example with the wireless testers "Anritsu MT8870A").
Toolmonitor ResourceManager 150039 Intelligent resoure sharing tool, manages tests in aspects of testing time and economic resource costs.
Toolmonitor Robotics 150225 Supports and allows the controlling of various types of industrial robots within the electronic production (ball joints, rotation joints, torsion joints, linear joints, platforms, grippers).
Toolmonitor Sherlock Vision 150249 Represents an extensive enlargement of the imaging portfolio.
Toolmonitor SerIO 150419 Control and visualize MCD products, for example the control units PIC8IO or MIO1616, as well as subordinate devices.
Toolmonitor EyeBox 150669 Positioning of robots which are equipped with cameras.
Toolmonitor LogicDesigner 150733 Logical connections are created and displayed via so-called "logic modules". These modules connect inputs and outputs of hardware components with variables, functions and events that are integrated via script engine.
Toolmonitor ElectronicLoad 150734 Used to control different electronic loads.
Toolmonitor AudioAnalyzer 2559SKLIZ Software-based solution for the analysis of analog and digital signal in the audio range as well as the corresponding analyzer hardware.

MCD TestManager CE

The TestManager CE is an universal standard test software for application-specific measurement and test stations in the automotive and electronic industries. TestManager CE is easy to use, modularly scalable, inexpensive and efficient.

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