MCD USB-HUB 8-Port Switchable USB 2.0/3.0 Hub with 8 Switchable Ports, Relay MUX

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Benefits of the MCD USB-HUB 8-Port Industrial Hubs with 8 Switchable Ports for USB 2.0/USB3.0

  • Activate only the USB hub ports you need, save power and protect your hardware.
  • Additional power supply for USB devices via integrated octo relais multiplexer.
  • Versions for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

MCD-USB-HUB 8-Port Switchable 8-Port USB Hubs with Additional 8x Relay Multiplexer.

Simply activate the devices you really need. This gives you the benefit of saving electricity, protecting your hardware and your computer is not compromised in its performance.

  • USB hub with eight USB 2.0 or 3.0 downstream ports.
  • Downstream ports can be turned on/off individually via USB.
  • When turned off, power supply (+5 V) and the data lines are isolated by semiconductor switches.
  • Whether ports are active after the device is turned on, and which ports, can be configured and stored.
  • Each USB port can be configured as a standard port (SDP), charging-capable connection (CDP), or a charger connection (DCP); provides the connected device with up to 2.5 A.
  • Additional 8-channel relay multiplexer to turn a centrally connected voltage (at most 48 V) on each port individually on and off. independently from one another. Use for example for supplying a device with a voltage other than 5 V. The connection uses a 4 mm banana plug. Whether and which ports should be activate after the hub is turned on can be stored in non-volatile storage.
  • A switch on the device can be used to turn off all ports temporarily or to restore the previous switching state of all ports.
  • A number that can be stored in the device can be used to distinguish between multiple USB-HUB 8-Port units on a PC.
  • The MCD USB-HUB 8-Port can be controlled with a COM, DCOM, DLL interface from virtually any programming language.The device can be integrated into a variety of applications like MCD TestManager-CE, LabVIEW, Microsoft Visual Studio etc., using the Toolmonitor USB-Hub (included). Moreover, for the use with Linux, the USB-HUB 8-Port is recommended.
  • Rugged metal housing.
  • Additional function of the USB 3.0 version: The USB 3.0 host connection is used to control the hub. Alternatively there is the choice to control the hub via the additional USB 2.0 connector at the back side.

Model Overview

Model/ordering codeHub and control inputUSB downstream portsLoad functionRelay multiplexerPower supply
MCD USB-HUB 8-Port USB 2.0 - 121142USB 2.0 upstream port8, USB 2.01) Each port can be SDP (standard default port), CDP (charge-capable port), DCP BC1.2 or DCP (charger
1-to-8 for external, centrally supplied powerexternal
MCD USB-HUB 8-Port USB 3.0 - 122204USB 3.0 upstream port,
alternative additional USB 2.0 control input
8, USB 3.01)

1) Switching on/off all ports via USB-control. Power supply and data lines isolated on ports that are switched off.
2) DCP ports don't appear in the Windows device manager. But they can be active even without connection to a host.

Included: MCD USB-HUB 8-Port for USB 2.0 (211421) or 3.0 (22204), 1x storage card with installation software, 1x USB 2.0 connection cable 0.8 m (211421) or 1x USB 3.0 connection cable 2 m (22204), 1x power cord 1.8 m.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Which USB port types do the MCD USB hubs support?

Answer: The ▸6-port hubs have standard USB downstream ports (SDP). For the 8-way hubs, each USB port is configurable as a standard port (SDP), a charging-capable port (CDP), or a charger port (DCP). The latter provides up to 2.5 A to the connected device. The 6-port hubs can be USB/bus-powered or operated with an external power supply (self-powered). An external operating voltage is necessary for higher currents. There is an automatic detection and switching between bus and self-powered operation. The 8-way hubs are used with an external power supply.

Question: What can the relay MUX of the 8-port MCD USB hubs be used for?

Answer: MCD's 8-way USB hubs are equipped with an additional USB-controlled 8-channel relay multiplexer (MUX). With the MUX, a centrally supplied voltage (max. 48 V) can be switched on/off individually and independently at each port. It is used, for example, to supply devices with a voltage other than the 5 V of the USB. The connection is made via 4 mm banana plugs.