OMS - Motion, Stepper, Servo Motor Controllers

OMS motion controller

Precise - For Exact Positioning

  • Motion controllers for stepper/servo motors.
  • USB up to 4 axis, VME up to 8 axis.
  • Additional user-I/O.

For applications in industrie, design and research, machine tools, industral robotics and more.

Motion Controller for Ethernet/LAN

  • Motion control up to 10 axes for Ethernet/LAN.
  • For stepper or servo motors.
  • Up to 26 user-definable TTL-I/O-channels.

Compact, flexible embedded module.

The OMS Product Lines

  • Motion control: Servo/stepper controllers.
  • For Ethernet/LAN, USB, VME, PCI.
  • Up to 10 axes.

OMS motion controller