UMX USB Servo/Stepper Controller

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Benefits of the OMS UMX - Precise Stepper/Servo Controller for USB 2.0

  • Multi-axis motion control up to 4 axes.
  • For stepper or servo motors
  • Backlash compensation.

OMS UMX Servo/Stepper Controller

High-precision multi-axis motion controllers for applications where failure is not an option! Up to 4 axes for open/closed loop stepper motors or servo motors. Models for USB 2.0; models for other platforms available. Backlash compensation, linear, parabolic, Cosine-"S" curves and user profiles supported.

Model Overview

ModelPlatform/InterfaceServo axesStepper axes (with encoders)User I/O
UMX-25USB 2.02-10
UMX-26USB 2.0-210
UMX-45USB 2.04-12
UMX-46USB 2.0-412

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