ITECH IT6000D Series High Power Programmable DC Power Supply

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  • Master-slave parallel, the power can be paralleled up to 1.152 MW
  • Power efficiency up to approx. 95%.
  • Supports external data recording function, internal buffing, and the PC will periodically read data from the power supply.

ITECH IT6000D Series High Power Programmable DC Power Supply

The IT6000D single channel output programmable DC power supply is applicable in laboratories and automatic test system to provide high-power and stable DC supply. The autoranging output feature enables a wide range of flexible voltage and current combinations at full power. The IT6000D series has a wide range of applications and the devices provide a power range of up to 5 kW to 144 kW, current up to 2040 A, as well as voltage up to 2250 V. Besides, IT6000D provides multi built-in communication interfaces to simplify and accelerate the testing development. The compact 3U design saves rack space. Multiple units of the same model can be paralleled easily for higher power up to a maximum of 1.152 MW.

  • Master-slave parallel, power can be paralleled up to 1.152 MW.
  • Current up to 2040 A by paralleling.
  • The adoption of high frequency switching structure supports the automatic switching between CV and CC (constant current/constant voltage).
  • Provides various protections: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, protection of power failure and UVP.
  • Supports data recording function, can continuously record the Max, Min, Average values of output voltage and current, and it can automatically execute data by sequence.
  • Support solar panel I-V curves simulation.
  • Power efficiency up to 92%.
  • High power density of 18 kW in 3U.
  • Supports external data recording function, internal buffing, and the PC will periodically read data from the power supply, the shortest interval of sampling is 10 µs.
  • Built-in communication interfaces USB, CAN, Ethernet/LAN, digital-I/O, optional GPIB, analog, and RS232.
  • Supports SCPI; built-in web server.

Model Overview

IT6005D-80-15080 V150 A5 kW
IT6010D-80-300300 A10 kW
IT6015D-80-450450 A15 kW
IT6030D-80-900900 A30 kW
IT6045D-80-13501350 A45 kW
IT6060D-80-18001800 A60 kW
IT6075D-80-20402040 A75 kW
IT6090D-80-20402040 A90 kW
IT6105D-80-20402040 A105 kW
IT6120D-80-20402040 A120 kW
IT6006D-300-75300 V75 A6 kW
IT6012D-300-150150 A12 kW
IT6018D-300-225225 A18 kW
IT6036D-300-450450 A36 kW
IT6054D-300-675675 A54 kW
IT6072D-300-900900 A72 kW
IT6090D-300-11251125 A90 kW
IT6108D-300-13501350 A108 kW
IT6126D-300-15751575 A126 kW
IT6144D-300-18001800 A144 kW
IT6006D-500-40500 V40 A6 kW
IT6012D-500-8080 A12 kW
IT6018D-500-120120 A18 kW
IT6036D-500-240240 A36 kW
IT6054D-500-360360 A54 kW
IT6072D-500-480480 A72 kW
IT6090D-500-600600 A90 kW
IT6108D-500-720720 A108 kW
IT6126D-500-840840 A126 kW
IT6144D-500-960960 A144 kW
IT6006D-800-25800 V25 A6 kW
IT6012D-800-5050 A12 kW
IT6018D-800-7575 A18 kW
IT6036D-800-150150 A36 kW
IT6054D-800-225225 A54 kW
IT6072D-800-300300 A72 kW
IT6090D-800-375375 A90 kW
IT6108D-800-450450 A108 kW
IT6126D-800-525525 A126 kW
IT6144D-800-600600 A144 kW
IT6018D-1500-401500 V40 A18 kW
IT6036D-1500-8080 A36 kW
IT6054D-1500-120120 A54 kW
IT6072D-1500-160160 A72 kW
IT6090D-1500-200200 A90 kW
IT6108D-1500-240240 A108 kW
IT6126D-1500-280280 A126 kW
IT6144D-1500-320320 A144 kW
IT6018D-2250-252250 V25 A18 kW
IT6036D-2250-5050 A36 kW
IT6054D-2250-7575 A54 kW
IT6072D-2250-100100 A72 kW
IT6090D-2250-125125 A90 kW
IT6108D-2250-150150 A108 kW
IT6126D-2250-175175 A126 kW
IT6144D-2250-200200 A144 kW