ITECH IT6100B High Accuracy Programmable DC Power Supplies

ITECH IT6100B high accuracy programmable DC power supplies
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  • Linear programmable power supply with built-in 5½ digital voltmeter.
  • List mode operation.
  • Ultrafast voltage rise slew rate.

ITECH IT6100B High Accuracy Programmable DC Power Supplies

The ITECH IT6100B series are high speed high precision programmable DC power supplies with ultra-fast voltage rising slew rate and a resolution up to 0.1 mV/0.01 mA. The output waveform priority mode allows rising waveform of voltage or current to be generated with high-speed and no overshoot, which is widely used in aerospace power modules and other high-precision tests. IT6100B has built-in USB, RS232, and GPIB/IEEE488 communication interfaces and the panel operation supports LIST programming.

  • High accuracy programmable DC power supplies.
  • Output linear adjustment, high speed, reliable, low noise.
  • High accuracy and resolution.
  • Ultrafast voltage rise slew rate.
  • Built-in 5½ digit voltmeter and milliohmmeter.
  • Memory capacity: 100 groups.
  • LIST mode.
  • Timer function (0.01...60000 s).
  • Remote sense, compensate line voltage.
  • Built-in RS232, USB, and GPIB/IEEE488 interfaces, support SCPI protocol.

Model Overview

IT6162B120 V50 A1000 W
IT6164B130 V
60 V
40 A
20 A
1200 W