ITIC-1480A USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer

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Benefits of the ITIC-1480 Analyzer :Displays USB Protocol Data Clearly

  • USB 2.0 protocol analyzer.
  • Displays USB protocol data in a clearly arranged way.
  • Sturdy, compact metal housing.

ITIC-1480 USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer

The ITIC-1480A USB 2.0 protocol analyzer with OTG decoding is specifically designed for the road-warrior. It will easily slip into your coat pocket or laptop bag for those trips where bringing a large USB analyzer is not convenient. The physical format is very small, only slightly larger than a pen or a computer mouse. The enclosure is made out of very highquality brushed aluminum.

  • Organizes the USB protocol data into an hierarchical tree view which reflects the nesting of the actual USB protocol on the bus.
  • Supports all USB 2.0 speeds (low-speed, full-speed and high-speed).
  • Automatically detects link speed as USB devices are connected to the link under test.
  • FPGA-based design allows automatic update of firmware and software without user involvement.
  • Decodes and displays all standard USB Descriptors, Transactions and Packets for easy and quick analysis.
  • Decodes and displays all bus events down to the most detailed differential D-/D+ bus state changes with 16.67 ns resolution.
  • Drivers and software are available for all 32 bit and 64 bit Windows platform (Windows XP and newer).
  • A very small physical format and a bus-powered design allows easy transportation and convenient use with laptops (only 125 mm x 105 mm x 35 mm/250 g)..
  • Included: USB protocol analyzer module, USB 2.0 cable, CD with software.

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