Keysight 11636 Series Power Divider

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Keysight 11636 Series with Operating Frequency DC to 18, 26.5, 50, or 67 GHz

The Keysight 11636 series power divider provide accurate power dividing and combining. They improve fault location measurement by reducing reflection.

Model Overview

11636APower divider, DC...18 GHz; max. SWR 1.35; insertion loss typ. 6.0 dB; max. amplitude tracking 0.5 dB; max. phase tracking typ. 2°; typ N
11636BPower divider, DC...26.5 GHz; max. SWR: 1.29; insertion loss 7.5 dB; max. amplitude tracking 0.25 dB at 18 GHz; max. phase tracking typ. 2°; APC-3,5
11636CPower divider, DC...50 GHz; max. SWR 1.67 at 50 GHz; insertion loss 8.5 dB at 50 GHz; max. amplitude tracking 0.3 dB; max. phase tracking ±2°; 2.4 mm connectors
11636DPower divider, DC...67 GHz; excellent amplitude tracking 0.65 dB max. at 50...67 GHz, 0.4 dB at DC...50 GHz; excellent phase tracking 4° at 50 GHz, 7° at 67 GHz; low VSWR of <2.1 at 67 GHz; max. input power 1 W; 1.85 mm connector

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is a power divider and a power splitter the same device?

Answer: Power dividers divide a signal equally for comparison measurements. All ports have equivalent 162/3-Ω resistance. The are bidirectional and can also be used as power combiners. SWR 3:1. Application example: A power divider can divide the power from a source into two antennas at the same time. Power dividers are also used for intermodulation distortion (IMD) measurements. Here the power divider combines two signals from the two difference signal sources into one signal for the device under test.
A power splitter is used in ratio measurements and leveling loop applications. Only the input port has a 50 Ω resistance, the other two ports have 83.33 Ω impedance. SWR 1:1. Application example: A power splitter can be used for gain, gain compression and power testing. The power splitter splits up the signal from a sweep oscillator into the device under test (and on through a detector to a scalar network analyzer) and a second path directly through a detector to the analyzer.