Keysight L7xxx Series Multiport Electromechanical Coaxial Switches

Keysight L-series EM switches
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Benefits of the Keysight L-Series EM Switches

  • RF EM switches with SP4T or SP6T topology.
  • DC to 26.5 GHz.
  • Terminated and unterminated models.

Keysight L7xxx Series EM Switches, RF/Microwave Coaxial Fixed Attenuator

The Keysight L-Series offers <0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability guaranteed for 2 million cycles and a long operating life of 5 million cycles (typical). The modules have high isolation of typically >85 dB at 26.5 GHz. The L-series covers a wide frequency range of DC to 4, 20, or 26.5 GHz and are available at an economical price.

Models Keysight L7104 A/B, L7204 A/B, L7106 A/B, L7206 A/B, L7222C

ModelFrequencyTerminationAverage powerPeak powerIsolationInsertion lossSWRSpeedLife cycleDriving voltageRF connectors
L7104ADC...4 GHzTerminated1 W50 W90 dB0.36 dB1.215 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7204ADC...4 GHzUnterminated2 W100 W90 dB0.36 dB1.215 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7104BDC...20 GHzTerminated1 W50 W90 dB0.6 dB1.4515 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7204BDC...20 GHzUnterminated2 W100 W90 dB0.6 dB1.4515 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7104CDC...26.5 GHzTerminated1 W50 W60 dB0.7 dB1.715 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7204CDC...26.5 GHzUnterminated2 W100 W60 dB0.7 dB1.715 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7106ADC...4 GHzTerminated1 W50 W90 dB0.36 dB1.215 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7206ADC...4 GHzUnterminated2 W100 W90 dB0.36 dB1.215 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7106BDC...20 GHzTerminated1 W50 W90 dB0.6 dB1.4515 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7206BDC...20 GHzUnterminated2 W100 W90 dB0.6 dB1.4515 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7106CDC...26.5 GHzTerminated1 W50 W60 dB0.7 dB1.715 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7206CDC...26.5 GHzUnterminated2 W100 W60 dB0.7 dB1.715 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)
L7222CDC...26.5 GHzUnterminated1 W60 W57 dB0.9 dB1.6515 ms2 million24 VDCSMA (f)

Options (on request, please call)

OptionOption typeDescriptionFor model(s)...
-T24Control logicTTL/5-V-CMOS compatible logic with 24 VDC supplyL7104A, L7204A, L7104B, L7204B, L7104C, L7204C, L7106A, L7206A, L7106B, L7206B, L7106C, L7206C
-024Control logic24 VDC
-161DC connectorsRibbon receptacle
-100DC connectorsSolder terminals
-161DC connectors10-PIN DIPL7222C
-100DC connectorsSolder terminals and 10-PIN DIP
-201AccessoriesMounting brackets; assembly required