MAL Isolating and Miniature Measuring Amplifier

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MAL Isolating Measuring Amplifiers and Miniature Measuring Amplifier

Voltage and current signals can optimally be adjusted to the input of a data acquisition system with the differential amplifiers of the MAL-ISO series. The isolation of the analog inputs guarantees reliable measurement results.
Various sensor signals like thermocouples, PT100, strain gauges, can optimally be adjusted to the input of a PC data acquisition system by the miniature measuring amplifier of the MAL series.
The miniature format of the MAL series is ideal to realize measurement applications even if the installation is in problematic locations. Despite the small size, the measuring amplifier features great functionality. All this at a reasonable price.

  • MAL isolating measuring amplifiers and miniature measuring amplifier, 24-pin DIL IC.
  • Bandwidth depending on model, selectable on some models via soldering jumper.
  • Differential input.
  • 6 dB/Okt. output filter.

Model Overview

Model Description Measured quantities Additional features Output voltage
MAL-PT100 Miniature measuring amplifier for temperature Temperature (PT100), 0..300°C, 2-, 3-, 4-wire
Linearization, sensor supply 1 mA 0...5 VDC
MAL-R1K Miniature measuring amplifier for resistance Resistance, 0...1 kOhm, 2-, 3-, 4-wire Sensor supply 1 mA 0...5 VDC
MAL-THR Miniature measuring amplifier for thermocouple Temperature (thermocouple, type K), 0...1250°C CJC/cold junction compensation 0...5 VDC
MAL-I20mA Miniature measuring amplifier for current Current, ±20 mA For current measurement a 50 Ohm shunt is active. The measurement is done in the ±1 V measuring range ±5 VDC
MAL-FU Isolating frequency/voltage converter 3 frequency ranges 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz Galvanic isolation by a fast opto-coupler 0..5 VDC
MAL-U1 Miniature measuring amplifier for voltage ±1 V Cut-off frequency 140 Hz, 15 Hz, 340 Hz ±5 VDC
MAL-U5 ±5 V Cut-off frequency 75 Hz, 8 Hz, 340 Hz ±5 VDC
MAL-U10 ±10 V Cut-off frequency 15 Hz, 2 Hz, 340 Hz ±5 VDC
MAL-SG2 Miniature measuring amplifier for strain gauges Strain gauges, sensitivity 2 mV/V Sensor supply 5 V ±5 VDC
MAL-SG5 Strain gauges, sensitivity 5 mV/V Sensor supply 5 V ±5 VDC
MAL-ISO1 Isolating measuring amplifier for voltage Voltage, ±1 V Galvanic isolation ±5 VDC
MAL-ISO5 Voltage, ±5 V Galvanic isolation ±5 VDC
MAL-ISO10 Voltage, ±10 V Galvanic isolation ±5 VDC
MAL-ISO50 Voltage, ±50 V Galvanic isolation ±5 VDC
MAL-ISO20mA Isolating measuring amplifier for current Current ±20 mA Galvanic isolation ±5 VDC