ME-Synapse Express XL Bridge from CompactPCI to PCI-Express Over Cable

Obsolete - not available
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EOL/obsolete, not available anymore


  • Connect CompactPCI boards via PCI-Express-over-cable.
  • Rugged, external metal chassis with 6 slots.
  • DIN rail mountable..

Bridge System for 3 U ME CompactPCI Modules to PCI-Express Over Cable

With the ME-Synapse-Express (ME-1-Express) you can connect the 3 U CompactPCI boards from Meilhaus Electronic (and others) via PCI-Express over cable to a host PC. It's easy to use: Insert the DAQ board and connect to PCI-Express over cable. Also available bundled with ME series boards!

  • Converts/adapts 3 U CompactPCI DAQ and control boards (ME series and boards from other suppliers*) to PCI-Express over cable.
  • Remote DAQ stations for your host PC - 3 m with standard cable.
  • Easy to program like a local PC board.
  • Devices can be stacked. DIN rail mountable or 19" rack mountable (with optional accessories).
  • Measure sensor signals, use as remote data logger etc.

System Components

Product Description Included
PCIe-8560 PCI-Express host adaptor for a host PC with a free PCI-Express slot. yes
PXI-8565 3 U PXI/CompactPCI target adaptor, pre-installed in the ME-Synapse-Express chassis. yes
ACL-Express-3 3 m connecting cable, other lenght optional. yes
ME-Synapse-Express XL chassis ME-Synapse-Express XL metal chassis with 6 slots for 3 UI CompactPCI modules. yes
ME-Synapse-LAN-PWR Power supply adaptor for ME-Synapse-Express (and LAN), connected via Phoenix terminals. DIN-rail mountable. no, optional
ME-Synapse-LAN-PWR-DT Power supply adaptor for ME-Synapse-Express (and LAN), connected via Phoenix terminals. Desktop version. no, optional
ME-Synapse-LAN-XL-RM-Kit Rack-mount kit for the ME-Synapse-Express (and LAN) in 19" systemes. 2 angular guidance plates and a front panel. no, optional
UTA-130 Universal DIN rail adaptor, use to mount ME-Synapse-LAN on standard DIN-rails. 2 x required! no, optional
Driver software If the system includes ME boards, the driver software is included with the boards. For boards from other suppliers use the driver software that is included with the boards.
Included: ME-Synapse XL metal chassis with PCI-Express module PXI-8565. Host adaptor PCIe-8560. 3 m connecting cable ACL-Express-3. User manual.
Use the ME-Synapse-Express with the ME series CompactPCI boards supported by the ME-iDS as well a boards from other suppliers* which are compatible with the 3 U CompactPCI standard.
Software: Included with the ME series boards (driver system ME-iDS, ME-PowerLab3).
For the boards from other suppliers use the driver software supplied with these boards*.

* Our support team cannot offer support for boards from other suppliers, only if the ME-Synapse itself is considered.

Field Installation

The ME-Synapse is...

  • ...DIN rail mountable with option UTA-130.
  • ...19" rack mountable with option RM-Kit.
  • ...stackable with the products ME-PowerHouse (ME-5), ME-Synapse, ME-SIG32-8B, ME AB-D78 connector blocks (metal housing) and other ME-Neurons and ME-Synapses.

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