Indu-Sol MULTIrep X2, X5, X7 PROFIBUS Hubs/Repeater Series

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Benefits of the Indu-Sol MULTIrep Series 2x/5x/7x PROFIBUS Hubs/Repeaters

  • Shows the status of the bus per channel with an LED.
  • Up to seven segments with galvanic isolation from each other.
  • Three versions x2, x5, x7 available, according to application and budget.

Indu-Sol MULTIrep X2, X5, X7 PROFIBUS Hubs/Repeaters

The Indu-Sol MULTIrep series devices produce a voltage signal in two, five or seven directions (depending on the version) and raise the signals to the PROFIBUS standard level. The integrated diagnosis via LED provides a simplified troubleshooting in each segment.

  • Basis for a stable PROFIBUS star structures.
  • Enables stubs in PROFIBUS.
  • Isolates sensitive or problematic areas.
  • Expansions or shutdowns possible during running operation.
  • Errors affect only small parts of the network.