PeakTech P4075 Benchtop Digital Multimeter, USB, LAN, Bluetooth

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Item available at short notice. Delivery Time ~3-10 workdays
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Benefits DMM P4075 45/6-digit Digital Multimeter

  • Precise 45/6-place digital multimeter.
  • Dual display.
  • Interfaces: USB Host/Device, Ethernet/LAN, Bluetooth, SD card.

PeakTech P4075 Benchtop Digital Multimeter, USB, LAN, Bluetooth

The PeakTech P4075 is a high-precision digital benchtop multimeter equipped with a dual 45/6 digits display (max. 63,000 counts). Its many features are completed by the true RMS measurement, the temperature and the 3-wire resistance temperature detector measurement. The PC-control and data acquisition software, integrated data logger function with internal memory, USB disc or external SD memory card, wireless Bluetooth connection to your PC, integration into the corporate network via Ethernet/LAN-network connection, as well as the data connection via USB provides a wide variety of applications.

  • 45/6 digit, 13 mm dual LED-display (max. 63,000 counts) with additional secondary display and function symbols.
  • True RMS measurement.
  • Automatic and manual range selection, Peak-, MIN/MAXand relativefunction.
  • Diode/continuity test and 2- or 3-wire-resistance-temperature detector (RTD) measurement.
  • Temperature measurement compatible with thermocouples type K/J/E/N/T/B/R/S, PT100/500/1000.
  • Datalogger with internal storage, USB disc (1.1), or SD-memory card.
  • Bluetooth, RS232, Ethernet/LAN- network connection and USB interface (2.0).
  • Device-control and data acquisition via PC-Software.
  • Safety: EN61010-1; CAT II 600 V.

Model Overview

DC voltage60/600 mV/6/60/600/1000 V; ±0.03% + 6 digits
AC voltage600 mV/6/60/600/1000 V; 10 µV; ±0.7% + 80 digits
DC current600/6000 µA/60/600 mA/6/10 A; 0.01 µA; ±0.15% + 10 digits
AC current600/6000 µA/60/600 mA/6/10 A; 0.01 µA; ±0.8% + 80 digits
Resistance600 Ω/6/60/600 k&Omega/6/60 MΩ 0.01 Ω ±0.1% + 5 digits
Frequency4 Hz...60 MHz (square), 4 Hz...60 kHz (sine); 1 Hz; ±0.01% + 10 digits
Capacitance6/60/600 µF/6/60/600 µF/6/60 mF; 0.1 pF; ±2% + 150 digits
Temperature-200...+1370°C (type K); 0.1°C; ±0.7% (TC) ±0.7°C
Display45/6 digit, 13 mm dual VFD display
InterfacesEthernet/LAN, USB Host & Device, Blueooth, SD card slot, RS232
Dimension (mm)240 x 100 x 350; 2.5 kg

Included: P 4075, power cord, USB cable, RS232 cable, 4 GB SD memory card, Bluetooth adaptor set, Software for Windows, test-leads, temp. probe, temp. adaptor and operation manual.

Meilhaus Electronic is authorized Peaktech distributor