Siglent SPS5000X Switching DC Power Supplies up to 1080W

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Benefits of the Siglent SPS5000X Series Wide-Range Programmable Switching DC Power Supplies

  • Switching DC power supplies with 1, 2, or 3 channels.
  • Power up to 1080 W, serial/parallel connection for up to 3240 W.
  • Versatile protection, priority modes and other functions.

Siglent SPS5000X Switching DC Power Supplies up to 1080 W

40 W SPS5041X, SPS5042X, SPS5043X, SPS5044X, SPS5045X, 50 W SPS5051X, 80 W SPS5081X, SPS5082X, SPS5083X, SPS5084X, SPS5085X, 160 W SPS5161X, SPS5162X, SPS5163X, SPS5164X, SPS5165X

The Siglent SPS5000X series devices are programmable switching DC power supplies with 1, 2, or 3 channels. They offer a wide range of output power up to 1080 W (total) and output voltages up to 160 V. All models feature protection modes (over voltage, over current, over temperature, low power) and priority modes (constant voltage and constant current). The power supplies can be connected in series (2 units) or in parallel (3 units) to meet the requirements of 0...320 V and 0...270 A, with a maximum combined power of 3240 W. The Siglent SPS5000X series devices are the ideal choice for a variety of demanding applications such as commercial industrial, education, energy and power generation, laboratory general testing, LED lighting industry, and automotive electronics.

  • Programmable switching DC power supplies.
  • Total rated output power 180 W, 360 W, 720 W, or 1080 W.
  • Rated output voltage 40 V, 50 V, 80 V, or 160 V.
  • High efficiency with wide range of output voltage and current.
  • Protection for device itself and equipment under test.
  • OVP, OCP, LPP, OTP protction.
  • CV, CC priority mode selection.
  • Load transient recovery time (load change from 50...100%) <1 ms.
  • Adjustable slew rate of output voltage and current.
  • Setting and read back resolution: 1 mV, 1 mA.
  • User enabled internal output discharge circuit to accelerate the down programming of the output voltage.
  • Remote voltage sensing.
  • List function up to 50 steps; can be created from the front panel or by importing list sequence files from a USB memory device.
  • External analog voltage and resistor control of voltage or current output.
  • External voltage and current monitoring output.
  • 2.4"/6.1 cm OLED high brightness liquid crystal display, 170-degree viewing angle.
  • Standard interfaces: USB Host and Device, Ethernet/LAN, analog control interface; optional USB-to-GPIB module.
  • 1/2, 1/3, or 1/6 rack mount size.
  • Embedded web-server offers remote control through a web browser without the need for driver or software.

Model Overview

ModelChannelsVoltageCurrentPowerDimensions (mm)InterfacesProtectionPriority modes
SPS5040XSPS5041X140 V30 A360 W71 x 124 x 418; 3.3 kgUSB 1.1/2.0 Host and Device, Ethernet/LAN, analog control interface; optional GPIB (USB-to-GPIB adaptor)OVP (over voltage protection), OCP (over current protection), OTP (over temperature protection), LPP (low power protection), low AC input protectionCV (constant voltage), CC (constant current)
SPS5042X140 V60 A720 W142 x 124 x 418; 5.3 kg
SPS5043X140 V90 A1080 W214 x 124 x 418; 7.5 kg
SPS5044X240 V30 A360 W x2142 x 124 x 418; 5.5 kg
SPS5045X340 V30 A360 W x3214 x 124 x 418; 7.8 kg
SPS5050XSPS5051X150 V10 A180 W71 x 124 x 418; 3.3 kg
SPS5080XSPS5081X180 V15 A360 W71 x 124 x 418; 3.3 kg
SPS5082X180 V30 A720 W142 x 124 x 418; 5.3 kg
SPS5083X180 V45 A1080 W214 x 124 x 418; 7.5 kg
SPS5084X280 V15 A360 W x2142 x 124 x 418; 5.5 kg
SPS5085X380 V15 A360 W x3214 x 124 x 418; 7.8 kg
SPS5160XSPS5161X1160 V7.5 A360 W71 x 124 x 418; 3.3 kg
SPS5162X1160 V15 A720 W142 x 124 x 418; 5.3 kg
SPS5163X1160 V22.5 A1080 W214 x 124 x 418; 7.5 kg
SPS5164X2160 V7.5 A360 W x2142 x 124 x 418; 5.5 kg
SPS5165X3160 V7.5 A360 W x3214 x 124 x 418; 7.8 kg

Included: Switching DC power supply SPS 5041X, 5042X, 5043X, 5044X, 5045X, 5051X, 5081X, 5082X, 5083X, 5084X, 5085X, 5161X, 5162X, 5163X, 5164X, or 5165X, power cord, output test cord 10 A, output guard, USB cable, quick start guide, verification certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How does a switching mode power supply work compared to a linear DC power supply?

Answer: In principle, linear DC power supplies are a combination of AC input, power frequency transformer, rectifier, linear regulation and filtering. The transformer transforms the AC input voltage to the required value. The rectifier converts AC to DC with following filtering for low ripples.
A switching mode power supply is a combination of AC input, rectifier, chopping, high frequency transformer (transformers used with higher frequency can transform higher powers with same sized iron core), rectifier and filtering. The AC input voltage is usually rectified, filtered, chopped into a higher-frequency voltage by an electronic switch (hence the name switching mode power supply/SMPS) and, after transformation, rectified again to the desired voltage in the high-frequency DC link.

Question: Switching mode power supplies vs. linear DC power supplies - what are the advantage/disadvantages?

Answer: While linear DC power supplies offer a very low amount of voltage ripple, they are often big and heavy, due to the big transformers used by this technology. The voltage regulator often creates a high loss through heat energy. Moreover the input range of these devices is narrow/fixed.
The switching mode technology on the other hand can avoid some of these issues. The input range is wide/variable. They deliver high efficiency due to low heat generation. They are often small and lightweight and offer high output power. On the other hand, the switching technology can be a source for EMI, due to high frequency switching. Moreover voltage ripples can be higher compared to linear DC power supplies.

Question: What are typical applications of switching mode power supplies?

Answer: Typical applications of SMPS devices such as the Siglent SPS5000X series can be found in automotive (tests of speakers, entertainment and navigation systems), general battery testing, battery simulation, and test of consumer electronics.
Moreover, switching mode power supplies are in general used primarily to save weight, space and material for example to supply consumer and other electronic equipment because of the high power density that can be achieved.

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