TekBox TBSCP1-5M300/TBSCP1-10M500 RF Surface Current Probes

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TekBox TBSCP1-5M300 and TBSCP1-10M500 RF Surface Current Monitoring Probes

The TBSCP1-5M300 and TBSCP1-10M500 are RF surface current monitoring probes. The probes have a very flat response from 5 to 300 MHz or 10 to 500 MHz and are characterized over the frequency range from 30 kHz to 400 MHz or 9 kHz to 600 MHz. The probes are the ideal soultion for RF current monitoring applications that need to measure RF currents flowing on surfaces such as PCB groundplanes or traces, metal planes or wires. The footprint of the RF current monitoring probe measures 40 mm x 15 mm. The transfer impedance is -7 dB Ohm with a typical 3 dB bandwidth from 5 to 300 MHz (TBSCP1-5M300) or -5 dB Ohm with a typical 3 dB bandwidth from 10 to 500 MHz (TBSCP1-10M500).

Model Overview

ModelTekBox TBSCP1-5M300TekBox TBSCP1-10M500
Characterized frequency range30 kHz...400 MHz30 kHz...600 MHz
Transfer impedance-7 dB Ohm with a 3 dB bandwidth from 5 to 300 MHz-5 dB Ohm with a 3 dB bandwidth from 10 to 500 MHz
Suppression of orthogonal fieldTyp. >15 dB avg. up to 100 MHzTyp. >15 dB avg. up to 100 MHz
SizeFootprint: 40 mm x 15 mm; height: 30 mm; 25 g
ConnectorSMA female
Max. primary currentDC...400 Hz: 150 A; RF: 12 A
Max. core temperature125°C