Keysight 66000A Modular Power System

Obsolete - not available
Keysight 66000a
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EOL/obsolete, not available anymore

The flexible power supply from Keysight

The modular power system Keysight 66000A (also known as Agilent 66000A or HP66000A) has up to 8 outputs with up to 150 W per channel in a 4 U rack-mountable chassis. The modules can be combined individually for fast and noisefree output. The device has a GPIB interface for PC conectivity in test systems.

  • 8-slot mainframe accepts up to 8 DC power modules.
  • 1200 W total DC power output, up to 150 W per module.
  • Reconfigure fast with easily swappable modules.
  • Fast, low-noise outputs.
  • LIST mode and advance triggering system.
  • Optional isolation and polarity reversal relays.
  • Built-in measurements and advanced programmable features.
  • Protection features to ensure DUT safety.

Model Overview

Model Description Voltage Current Power
66000A 8 slot, 4 U modular power system/mainframe with GPIB (modules not included, ordered separately)
66101A DC power module for mainframe 66000A 8 V 16 A 128 W
66102A DC power module for mainframe 66000A 20 V 7.5 A 150 W
66103A DC power module for mainframe 66000A 35 V 4.5 A 150 W
66104A DC power module for mainframe 66000A 60 V 2.5 A 150 W
66106A DC power module for mainframe 66000A 200 V 0.75 A 150 W
Note: The recommended calibration interval for these devices is 12 months. Call or send an E-Mail for more information on calibration!

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.