B+K Precision Product Lines - The World of Power

B+K Precision power analysis

AC Power up to 3000 VA

  • AC, DC and AC+DC power supply.
  • Integrated measurements: VRMS, ARMS, VDC, +Apk, -Apk, inrush current, frequency, power factor, apparent/reactive/true power, and crest factor.
  • 0.98 power factor at AC input stage.

High performance, low harmonic distortion. User-defined harmonic waveforms or standard sine, square or clipped sine outputs.

B+K Precision DC power supplies

The B+K Precision Product Lines: AC and DC Power Supplies, Power Analysis, LCR Meters and Multimeters

Excellence in the design and manufacture of reliable and cost-effective sources and T&M instruments:

  • DC and AC power supplies.
  • Electronic loads.
  • LCR meters, multimeters, testers.

B+K Precision LCR meters and DMMs