gbm dydaqlog Product Line

gbm dydaqlog IIoT datalogger

Rugged, Industrial Complete Measuring Systems: From Data Logger to Edge Computer

The devices of the dydaqlog and dydaqmeas series are complete measurement and control systems with a wide range of applications:

  • As data loggers for IoT/IIoT (Internet of Things and industrial Internet of Things).
  • As a complete remote measurement and control system.
  • As a monitoring and alarming system.
  • For complete automation solutions.
  • As an edge computer.

The dydaqlog and dydaqmeas devices operate as data loggers for highly accurate data recording. They offer flexible sensor inputs eg. for U, I, TC, PT50/100/500/1000, DMS or IEPE sensors and others. The configuration of the measurements, control and display of the measurement data is done via the integrated web interface/web server. Ideal for the industrial Internet of Things: save the measurement data in the internal flash memory, send to a cloud or to a server.