Yokogawa CA700 Low Pressure Calibrator

Yokogawa CA700 low pressure calibrator
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Benefits of the Yokogawa CA700 Handheld Calibrator for Niederdruck bis 3500 kPA

  • Rugged, handy, portable low pressure calibrator.
  • Three models up to 200, 1000, or 3500 kPa.
  • High accuracy.

Yokogawa CA700 Low Pressure Calibrator

The Yokogawa CA700 is a precision portable low pressure calibrator. The CA700's basic accuracy is 0.01% of reading on pressure measurement and 0.015% of reading on current/voltage source measurement. It also has a high resolution and wide range - the resolution is 0.001 kPpa (200.00 kPa range) and 0.0001 psi (29 psi range). The CA700 is a great tool for field calibration and maintenance work, supporting "As Found", "As Left" and error rate. It is available in low pressure, medium pressure or high pressure ranges with selectable high-performance hand pumps for each range. The CA700 is housed in a robust IP54 dust and water proof case for use in harsh environments.

  • Accuracy 0.01% of reading for pressure.
  • Accuracy 0.015% of reading for current/voltage (source/measurement).
  • Highest resolution class 0.001 kPa (200.000 kPa range) and 0.0001 psi (29 psi range).
  • "As Found", "As Left" and error rate (%).
  • IP54 dust and water proof case for use in harsh environments.
  • 4...20 mA step function for signal generation.
  • 20 mA simulator to carry out loop test.
  • 2-wire transmitter loop check.
  • 250 Ω resistor for HART and BRAIN communication.

Model Overview

Version Yokogawa CA700-E-01 Yokogawa CA700-E-02 Yokogawa CA700-E-02
Pressure type Gauge Gauge Gauge
Range Positive pressure: 0...200 kPa
Negative pressure: -80...0 kPa
Positive pressure: 0...1000 kPa
Negative pressure: -80...0 kPa
Positive pressure: 0...3500 kPa
Negative pressure: -80...0 kPa
Display range To 240.000 kPa To 1200.00 kPa To 4200.00 kPa
Resolution 0.001 kPa 0.01 kPa 0.01 kPa
Allowable input 2.7 kPa abs to 500 kPa gauge 2.7 kPa abs to 3000 kPa gauge 2.7 kPa abs to 4500 kPa gauge
Units Metric and non-metric units
Connection Option -P1 Rc ¼" female thread
Option -P2 ¼" NPT female thread

Included: Pressure calibrator CA 700-E in one of the versions. With option -P1: Connector 91080 (R ¼" male thread to ⅛" NPT female thread conversion connector) and 91081 (R ¼" male thread to ¼" NPT female thread conversion connector). With option -P2: Connector 91082 (¼" NPT male thread to ⅛" NPT female thread conversion connector). Lead wires 98064 for source/measurement (red/black alligator clip lead wires, 1.7 m long). Accessory bag B9108XA for lead wires and connector.

Note The quality test certificate QIC has to be ordered together with the hardware with the initial purchase. Later orders of the QICs are not possible!