Ceyear 3671C/D/E Vector Network Analyzers/VNA up to 14/20/26.5GHz

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Benefits of the Ceyear 3671 2/4 Port VNA Series

  • TDR time domain impedance test, eye diagram analysis.
  • High dynamic range of 135 dB.
  • Suitable for radar, communication field, material science etc.

Ceyear 3671C/D/E Vector Network Analyzers/VNA up to 14/20/26.5 GHz

The Ceyear 3671 VNA (vector network analyzer) series includes three versions 3671C (100 kHz/10 MHz to 14 GHz), 3671D (100 kHz/10 MHz to 20 GHz), and 3671E (100 kHz/10 MHz to 26.5 GHz). The Ceyear 3671 series VNAs have a wide high-resolution touchscreen and offer various display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart, and polar coordinates. The devices also support multiple calibration types including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response, and full dual port, electronic calibration. Besides all traditional VNA standard measurement functions the Ceyear 3671 series devices offer additional functions through options such as multifunctional and comprehensive parameter test of amplitude frequency characteristics, phase frequency characteristics, and group delay characteristics. They are equipped with standard interfaces USB, LAN, GPIB, VGA, and HDMI.

  • Wide frequency coverage, 100 kHz/10 MHz to 14, 20, or 26.5 GHz (not expandable with extenders).
  • Optional IF bandwidth, max. IF bandwidth up to 30 MHz.
  • Advanced calibration methods, calibration guidance, flexible calibration types, compatible with various calibration kits.
  • Multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude standing wave, phase, Smith chart.
  • 12.1"/30.7 cm, 1280x800 high resolution touch screen.
  • Record/run, one-click operation greatly simplifies measurement setup steps and improves efficiency.
  • Advanced time domain analysis incl. TDR impedance measurement and eye diagram analysis function.

Model Overview

ModelCeyear 3671CCeyear 3671DCeyear 3671E
Frequency range100 kHz/10 MHz...14 GHz100 kHz/10 MHz...20 GHz100 kHz/10 MHz...26.5 GHz
Number of measureing ports2 or 4
Frequency resolution0.1 Hz
Power sweep range40 dB (100 kHz...10 MHz); 50 dB (10 MHz...20 GHz); 40 dB (20...26.5 GHz)
Max. output power2 port: +15 dBm (10...100 MHz); +16 dBm (100 MHz...4 GHz); +16 dBm (4...10 GHz); +12 dBm (10...14 GHz); +10 dBm (14...20 GHz); +10d Bm (20...24 GHz); +5 dBm (24...26.5 GHz)
2 port with low frequency option: +5 dBm (100 kHz...10 MHz); +15 dBm (10 MHz...4 GHz); +15 dBm (4...10 GHz); +10 dBm (10...14 GHz); +9 dBm (14...20 GHz); +6 dBm (20...24 GHz); 0 dBm (24...26.5 GHz)
4 port: +3 dBm (100 kHz...10 MHz); +13 dBm (10 MHz...4 GHz); +10 dBm (4...10 GHz); +4 dBm (10...14 GHz); +3 dBm (14...20 GHz); -2 dBm (20...24 GHz); -6 dBm (24...26.5 GHz)
System dynamic range2 port: 94 dB (10 MHz...1 GHz); 132 dB (1...4 GHz); 135 dB (4...10 GHz); 130 dB (10...14 GHz); 128 dB (14...20 GHz); 125 dB (20...24 GHz); 120 dB (24...26.5 GHz)
2 port with low frequency option: 102 dB (100 kHz...10 MHz); 132 dB (10 MHz...4 GHz); 133 dB (4...10 GHz); 125 dB (10...14 GHz); 124 dB (14...20 GHz); 120 dB (20...24 GHz); 115 dB (24...26.5 GHz)
4 port: 102 dB (100 kHz... 10 MHz); 132 dB (10 MHz...4 GHz); 130 dB (4...10 GHz); 120 dB (10...14 GHz); 119 dB (14...20 GHz); 115 dB (20...24 GHz); 110 dB (24...26.5 GHz
IF bandwidth1 Hz...30 MHz
Display12.1"/30.7 cm 16:10 high resolution touch screen
Port connectors3.5 mm (male); 50 Ω impedance
Dimensions (mm)426 x 266 x 400 (excluding support and handle), 516 x 280 x 490 (incl. handle, support and back foot); max. 25 kg

Included: Ceyear 3671 C, D, or E, power cord assembly, USB keyboard/mouse, user manual, certificate of conformity.

Accessories and Options for the Ceyear Series 3671 VNAs

3671-01131101 type N 50 Ω calibration kit, DC...18 GHz
3671-01331121 3.5 mm calibration kit, DC...26.5 GHz
3671-01420202 3.5 mm calibration kit, DC...9 GHz
3671-02120402 electronic calibration kit, 300 kHz...18 GHz, type N, 2 port
3671-02220403 electronic calibration kit, 10 MHz...26.5 GHz, 3.5 mm, 2 port
3671-02420405 electronic calibration kit, 10 MHz...20 GHz, 3.5 mm, 4 port
3671-031FB0HA0HB025.0 - 3.5 mm Gore test cable (test port: 3.5 mm male), optional for 3671C/D/E
3671-032FB0HA0HC025.0 - 3.5 mm Gore test cable (test port: 3.5 mm female), optional for 3671C/D/E
3671-033FB0HA0AH025.0 - 3.5mm-N Gore test cable (test port: N male), optional for 3671C/D/E
3671-034FB0HA0AL025.0 - 3.5mm-N test cable (test port: N female, optional for 3671C/D/E
3671-05287231 USB power sensor (10 MHz...18 GHz)
3671-05387232 USB power sensor (50 MHz...26.5 GHz)
3367-062Rack mount kit
3671C/D/E-001Low frequency extension: Low frequency can be extended from 10 MHz to 100 kHz
3671C/D/E-4004-Port measurement; 4-port VNA configuration
3671C/D/E-S07Automatic fixture removal option (AFR), for single-end and balance device measuring fixture automatic test and removal
3671C/D/E-S10Time domain measurement, discontinuous position in device, fixture or cable can be determined and analyzed
3671C/D/E-S11Advanced time domain analysis, used for TDR time domain impedance test, eye chart analysis, etc.