Ceyear 3871XX Series Solid-State Power Amplifiers up to 110GHz

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Benefits of the Ceyear-3871 Series RF Power Amplifiers With 25 to 57dB Small Signal Gain

  • Solid-state power amplifiers, frequency ranges between 9 kHz and 110 GHz.
  • High output power stability.
  • Ethernet/LAN and GPIB/IEEE488 interfaces.

Ceyear 3871XX Series Solid-State Power Amplifiers up to 110 GHz

The Ceyear 3871XX series broadband solid-state amplifiers operate between 9 kHz and 110 GHz. The devices have an IEC 60297-3-100.2008 standard 4 U 19" rack mount chassis. They are designed to have broad bandwidth, high gain, high power, wide dynamic range, low spurious signals and they are extremely load tolerant. The amplifiers are suitable for applications such as electronic counter measurement, antenna testing, laboratory instrumentation, electromagnetic compatibility/electromagnetic interference test, as well as narrower band applications like radar, microwave imaging, and satellite communications. The 3871XX amplifiers incorporate the patented spatial power combining. The amplifiers are powered with 220 VAC and are suitable for both rack-mounted applications, such as test and measurement, and benchtop use. Driver amplification, bias and gain control are integrated.

  • 9 kHz to 110 GHz frequency range.
  • Open Loop: Gain and output power can be adjusted with a step accuracy of 0.1 dB.
  • Internal stability: With internal automatic level control circuits, the output power can be fixed and stable.
  • Remote control: The parameter adjustment and function setting can be controlled by GPIB or LAN.
  • Display: Display output power, reflected power, internal temperature, operating frequency.
  • Standard 4 U 19" or 5 U or customized rack chassis.
  • 0...50°C operating temperature.
  • Main performance:
    • Output power display accuracy can reach ±0.3 dB.
    • Dynamic range of output power adjustment can reach 20...40 dB.
    • Output power stability can be reach ±0.3 dB at constant temperature.
    • Output power flatness can be reach ±0.3 dB at steady state.
  • Multiple protection:
    • Input power: 1 mW...1 W (depending on the model).
    • Real-time monitoring of internal temperature: High temperature alarm and automatic protection.
    • Real-time monitoring of reflected power: Mismatch alarm and automatic protection.
    • Real-time monitoring of fan working status: Fan working alarm and automatic protection.
  • Special design:
    • Input and output port can be configured on the front or rear panel.
    • Locked working status: Prevent misoperation.
    • W and dBm power display at the same time.

Model Overview

ModelFrequency range GainOutput powerRF output port
3871AD9 kHz...250 MHz54 dB51 dBmN (female)
3871AE9 kHz...250 MHz56 dB53 dBmN (female)
3871AH80 MHz...1 GHz54 dB51 dBmN (female)
3871AK80 MHz...1 GHz56 dB53 dBmN (female)
3871AA1 GHz...2.5 GHz53 dB50 dBmN (female)
3871AP1 GHz...2.5 GHz55 dB52 dBmN (female)
3871AB1 GHz...6 GHz48 dB45 dBmN (female)
3871AQ2 GHz...6 GHz53 dB50 dBmN (female)
3871AR2 GHz...6 GHz56 dB53 dBmN (female)
3871AS500 MHz...6 GHz50 dB47 dBmN (female)
3871AT500 MHz...6 GHz53 dB50 dBmN (female)
3871AU500 MHz...6 GHz56 dB53 dBmN (female)
3871DA6 GHz...18 GHz46 dB43 dBmN (female)
3871DB6 GHz...18 GHz50 dB47 dBmN (female)
3871DC6 GHz...18 GHz53 dB50 dBmN (female)
3871DD6 GHz...18 GHz56 dB53 dBmN (female)
3871DE2 GHz...18 GHz53 dB50 dBmN (female)
3871DK2 GHz...18 GHz50 dB47 dBmN (female)
3871DH2 GHz...18 GHz46 dB43 dBmN (female)
3871EA18 GHz...26.5 GHz43 dB40 dBm3.5 mm (male)
3871EB18 GHz...26.5 GHz46 dB43 dBm3.5 mm (male)
3871EC18 GHz...26.5 GHz53 dB50 dBmWR42
3871FA26 GHz...32 GHz43 dB40 dBm2.4 mm (male)
3871FB32 GHz...40 GHz43 dB40 dBm2.4 mm (male)
3871FC24 GHz...30 GHz46 dB43 dBm2.4 mm (male)
3871FN33 GHz...37 GHz45 dB45 dBmWR28
3871FD37 GHz...43 GHz46 dB43 dBm2.4 mm (male)
3871FE26 GHz...40 GHz43 dB40 dBm2.4 mm (male)
3871FF26 GHz...40 GHz49 dB46 dBmWR28
3871FG26 GHz...40 GHz53 dB50 dBmWR28
3871FP18 GHz...40 GHz46 dB43 dBm24JS18000
3871FQ18 GHz...40 GHz50 dB47 dBm24JS18000
3871FR18 GHz...40 GHz53 dB50 dBm24JS18000
3871FS2 GHz...40 GHz40 dB37 dBm2.4 mm (male)
3871HA40 GHz...47 GHz40 dB37 dBm2.4 mm (male)
3871LA40 GHz...60 GHz36 dB33 dBm1.85 mm (male)
3871AB-0200.5 GHz...6 GHz20 WN (female)
3871AB-0400.5 GHz...6 GHz40 WN (female)
3871AS-0600.5 GHz...6 GHz60 WN (female)
3871AS-0800.5 GHz...6 GHz80 WN (female)
3871AT-1500.5 GHz...6 GHz150 WN (female)
3871AT-2000.8 GHz...4.2 GHz200 WN (female)
3871AT-2500.8 GHz...3.0 GHz250 WN (female)
3871AT-3002.1 GHz...2.7 GHz300 WN (female)
3871AU-2500.5 GHz...6.0 GHz250 WN (female)
3871AU-3000.5 GHz...3.0 GHz300 WN (female)
3871AU-3500.5 GHz...3.0 GHz350 WN (female)
3871AU-4000.5 GHz...3.0 GHz400 WN (female)
3871AU-4500.5 GHz...3.0 GHz450 WN (female)
3871AU-3000.8 GHz...4.2 GHz300 WN (female)
3871AU-4000.8 GHz...4.2 GHz400 WN (female)
3871AU-5002.1 GHz...2.7 GHz500 WN (female)
3871DA-0406 GHz...18 GHz40 WN (female)
3871DB-0606 GHz...18 GHz60 WN (female)
3871DB-0806 GHz...18 GHz80 WN (female)
3871DC-1506 GHz...18 GHz150 WN (female)
3871DH-0052 GHz...18 GHz5 WN (female)
3871DH-0102 GHz...18 GHz10 WN (female)
3871DK-0802 GHz...18 GHz80 WN (female)
3871EB-04018 GHz...26.5 GHz40 WWR42
3871EB-06018 GHz...26.5 GHz60 WWR42
3871EB-08018 GHz...26.5 GHz80 WWR42
3871EC-12018 GHz...26.5 GHz120 WWR42
3871EC-15018 GHz...26.5 GHz150 WWR42
3871EC-20018 GHz...26.5 GHz200 WWR42
3871FN-05033 GHz...37 GHz50 WWR28
3871FE-02026 GHz...40 GHz20 WWR28
3871FF-06026 GHz...40 GHz60 WWR28
3871FF-08026 GHz...40 GHz80 WWR28
3871FG-15026 GHz...40 GHz150 WWR28
3871FP-00518 GHz...40 GHz5 W24JS18000
3871FP-01018 GHz...40 GHz10 W24JS18000
3871FQ-06018 GHz...40 GHz60 W24JS18000
3871FQ-08018 GHz...40 GHz80 W24JS18000
3871LA-00540 GHz...60 GHz5 W1.85 mm (male)

Included: Power amplifier, power cord, user manual, certificate of conformity.