Ceyear 3986 Series Noise Figure Analyzer

Ceyear 3986 Series Noise Figure Analyzer
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Benefits of the Ceyear-3986 Series Noise Figure Analyzers up to 50 GHz

  • Wide frequency range coverage up to 10 MHz...50 GHz.
  • High-sensitivity reception.
  • Measure the noise figure and gain of amplifiers, up and down converters.

Ceyear 3986 Series Noise Figure Analyzer

The Ceyear 3986 series noise figure analyzers have a wide-range frequency coverage up to 10 MHz...50 GHz, high-sensitivity reception, intuitive user interface, dual channel HD display, various external interfaces, and dual noise source drive. They can measure the noise figure and gain of amplifiers, up converters and down converters, and support automatic measuring of noise figure of multistage frequency reception links. Comprehensive loss compensation function can compensate loss induced in channels before and after measurement by means of fixed or excel forms. Internal noise figure measurement uncertainty calculator does quantitative analysis of the uncertainty of measuring noise figure. Limit line function that provides test passed/failed notification simplifies the determination of passed/failed test.

  • Wide-range coverage:
    Range of up to 10 MHz...50 GHz. 5 frequency band configurations are selectable for different test demands. The upper frequency limit of the spread spectrum measurement capacity can be expanded to 110 GHz with an external MMW spread spectrum module.
  • High-sensitivity reception and high-precision test performance:
    The optimum reception sensitivity reaches up to -170 dBm/Hz, full band reception sensitivity precedes -162 dBm/Hz. Automatic adjustment and precise calibration technologies improve the channel gain. Linearity within the range of noise power measurement precedes ±0.1 dB.
  • Amplifier, up-converter and down-converter measuring mode:
    Multiple measurements modes. Test noise figure, gain measuring of DUT, measurement of automatic gain scanning and noise figure of multistage frequency reception links. Intuitive user interface for easy setting of various measurements.
  • Single sideband and double sideband measuring function.
  • Comprehensive loss compensation function.
  • Flexible document and excel processing functions.
  • Passed/failed test notification limiting line function.
  • Dual noise source drive:
    Highly compatible standard noise source drive interface provides +28 V pulse drive voltage to support noise sources from multiple manufacturers.
    Smart noise source drive interface compatible with Keysight N4000 series smart noise sources.
    The noise figure analyzers can identify the connection of smart noise source and load excess noise ratio data automatically. It can also detect changes of environment temperature for temperature correction of noise figure to improve speed and accuracy of measurement.
  • 10.1"/25.7 cm LCD
  • Interfaces: USB, Ethernet/LAN, GPIB, PS/2, VGA.
  • Typical applications: Basic amplifier measurement, down converter mode measurement, up and down converter measurement.

Model Overview

Frequency10 MHz...4 GHz10 MHz...8 GHz10 MHz...26.5 GHz10 MHz...40 GHz10 MHz...50 GHz
RF input interface3.5 mm (male)3.5 mm (male)3.5 mm (male)2.4 mm (male)2.4 mm (male)
Noise figureMeasuring range 0...30 dB (ENR: 12...17 dB); measuring uncertainty precedes ±<0.1 dB
GainMeasuring range -20...+40 dB; measuring uncertainty precedes ±<0.17 dB
Input interface SWR<1.90: 1 | 10 MHz ≤ f ≤ 4 GHz
<2.10: 1 | 4 GHz < f ≤ 18 GHz
<2.40: 1 | 18 GHz < f ≤ 26.5 GHz
<2.40: 1 | 26.5 GHz < f ≤ 40 GHz
<2.40: 1 | 40 GHz < f ≤ 50 GHz
Local noise figure<8.0 dB | 10 MHz ≤ f ≤ 4 GHz
<7.5 dB | 4 GHz < f ≤ 18 GHz
<8.0 dB | 18 GHz < f ≤ 26.5 GHz
<10.0 dB | 26.5 GHz < f ≤ 40 GHz
<12.0 dB | 40 GHz < f ≤ 50 GHz
Standard noise source drive outputBNC female adaptor
Smart noise source drive outputMulti-core connector
InterfacesUSB 2.0 (front, for connecting mouse, keyboard, updating software, backing up data), 1000Base-T Ethernet/LAN (RJ45), GPIB/IEEE488, PS/2 (keyboard), VGA
Display10.1"/25.7 cm, 1280x800, XGA
Data storage160 G solid state disk; USB
Dimensions (mm)426 x 177 x 460 (handle, bottom, pad and side strap excluded), 510 x 190 x 534 (handle, bottom, pad and side strap included); approx. 23 kg

Included: Noise figure analyzer 3986, power cord, USB mouse, user manual, programming manual.