DL-V-SO Options for the dydaqlog DL-160-16-D IIoT Datalogger

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Options for the dydaqlog DL-160-16-D IIoT Datalogger

Model Overview

DL-V-SO-001dydaqlog software extension: Sensor definition. Definition of own sensor type via:
  • Input of a calibration point table for non-linear sensors (linear interpolation between the calibration points).
  • Input of a linear function (linear equation).
DL-V-SO-002dydaqlog software extension MQTT In/Out: Many modern measurement modules are able to send their data to an MQTT broker. With this additional option it is possible to integrate such data into the regular data flow of the dydaqlog data logger. They are then available for dashboard display, calculations, alarms and all other functions as well as data from the data logger itself. The only requirement for this is that the data arrive at the MQTT broker under a certain topic (for Azure MQTT under a certain SAS token) and are available either in JSON format or as a pure numerical value. The single value or the corresponding entry from the JSON string is then assigned to a channel in the data logger, which can also be used later, such as an analog input or a variable.