Keysight E4416A/E4417A EPM-P Series 1-/2-Channel RF Power Meter

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Benefits of the E441xA EPM-P Series RF Power Meters 9 kHz...110 GHz

  • Single-channel and dual-channel power meters.
  • 20 MS/s sampling.
  • 8 pre-defined wireless configurations.

Keysight E4416A/E4417A EPM-P Series Single-/Dual-Channel Power Meter

The Keysight E4416A and E4417A single- or dual-channel EPM-P series RF power meters are designed for peak, average, peak-to-average ratio and time-gated measurements, using the E9320 peak and average power sensors.

  • 20 MS/s sampling rate for reliable continuous and single shot measurements on wide bandwidth signals.
  • Time-gated and free run power measurements.
  • Free "Analyzer Software" software for complete pulse and statistical analysis, software is located "In the Library".
  • 8 pre-defined wireless configurations (GSM, EDGE, NADC, iDEN, Bluetooth, IS-95 CDMA, W-CDMA and cdma 2000).

Model Overview

DescriptionSingle channel power meterDual channel power meter
Supported power sensors and dynamic rangeE-series E9320 peak and average power sensors (70 dB max., normal mode), 85 dB max. (average only mode), E-series CW power sensors (90 dB), E-series E9300 average power sensors (80 dB max.), 8480 series sensors (50 dB max.), N8480 series sensors (55 dB max.)
Frequency and power rangeFrequency range: 9 kHz...110 GHz, sensor dependent; power range: –70...+44 dBm, sensor dependent
MeasurementsAverage power, peak power, peak-to-average ratio
Measurements between two time offsets (time-gating)Averaging over 1 to 1024 readings is available for reducing noise; measurement speed (GPIB): Three measurement speeds are available over GPIB (normal, x2 and fast). The typical maximum speed is between 20 and 1000 readings/s
Predefined setupsFor common wireless standards, predefined setups are provided: GSM900, EDGE, NADC, iDEN, Bluetooth, IS-95 CDMA, W-CDMA and cdma2000
SamplingRate 20 MS/s, continuous sampling
InterfacesUSB 2.0, Ethernet/LAN (LXI-C), GPIB; SCPI compatible

Included: Power meter E 4416 A or E 4417 A, power sensor cable E9288A (1.5 m, 1x with E4416A, 2x with E4417A), power cord, manuals/product CD-ROM (contains user’s and programming guide).

3Y Warranty & Keysight CARE

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.