Keysight Infiniium EXR Series Oscilloscopes up to 6GHz

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Benfits of the Infiniium EXR High-Performance Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO/MSO)

  • 4 or 8 channels, bandwidths up to 6 GHz, waveform update rate >200,000 Wfms/s.
  • Various upgrades and options to perfectly adapt to your requirements.
  • Multifunctional device for testing of power, protocol and physical layer, compliance, etc.

Keysight Infiniium EXR Series Oscilloscopes up to 6 GHz

Infiniium EXR054A, EXR058A, EXR104A, EXR108A, EXR204A, EXR208A, EXR254A, EXR258A, EXR404A, EXR408A, EXR604A, EXR608A with 4/8 Channels

The Keysight EXR series are high-performance oscilloscopes with bandwidths from 500 MHz to 6 GHz and 4 or 8 analog channels. The devices can be configured and upgraded with various hardware and software options, and thus ideally adapted to your requirements and budget.

  • Powerful oscilloscopes with 4 or 8 analog channels (4-channel models can be upgraded), optional 16 digital channels (MSO option).
  • Upgradeable bandwidth 500 MHz, 1, 2, 2.5, 4 or 6 GHz on all 4 channels.
  • 16 GS/s sample rate; vertical resolution 10 bit, up to 16 bit with high-resolution mode.
  • Standard memory depth 100 Mpts/channel; optional 400 Mpts/channel, all channels, or 1.6 Gpts (Combined Flexible Memory option).
  • Waveform update rate >200,000 Wfms/s.
  • Options for multifunctional instrument integrated in one:
    • Oscilloscope (standard).
    • Logic analyzer (MSO, option).
    • Protocol analyzer (various options).
    • Waveform generator (option).
    • Digital voltmeter (standard).
    • Counter/totalizer (standard).
    • FFT.
    • Frequency response analyzer.
    • Phase noise analyzer.
  • 15.6"/39,6 cm full-HD capacitive multi-touch screen.
  • Windows 10 operating system.
  • LAN/Ethernet (LXI class C), 6x USB 3.0 host, 1x USB 3.0 device.

Model Overview

Analog channels4 (can be upgraded)84 (can be upgraded)84 (can be upgraded)84 (can be upgraded)84 (can be upgraded)84 (can be upgraded)8
Bandwidth500 MHz1 GHz2 GHz2.5 GHz4 GHz6 GHz
Max. sample rate16 GS/s; vertical resolution 10 bit, up to 16 bit with high-resolution mode
Memory depthStandard 100 Mpts/channel; optional 400 Mpts/channel, all channels (400 Mpts/channel option) or 1.6 Gpts shared between channels 1-4, 5-8 (1.6 Gpts Combined Flexible Memory option)
Max. rise time860 ps (10-90%),
620 ps (20-80%)
430 ps (10-90%),
310 ps (20-80%)
215 ps (10-90%),
155 ps (20-80%)
172 ps (10-90%),
124 ps (20-80%)
860 ps (10-90%),
620 ps (20-80%)
860 ps (10-90%),
620 ps (20-80%)
Waveform update rate>200,000 Wfms/s
ENOB9.0 (20 MHz)
Noise43 µV
TriggerEdge (channels 1-8, digital, line, aux), edge transition (channels 1-4), edge then edge/time (channels 1-4, digital), edge then edge/event (channels 1-4, digital), pulse width (channels 1-4, digital), glitch (channels 1-8, digital), runt (channels 1-4), timeout (channels 1-4, digital), pattern/state (channels 1-4, digital), setup/hold (channels 1-4), window (channels 1-4), protocol (bus dependent ), generic protocol (channels 1-8), burst (channels 1-4), n-th edge (channels 1-8), OR-ed edges (channels 1-4), InfiniiScan zone (channels 1-8), measurement limit (channels 1-8, digital, line, aux), Non-monotonic edge (channels 1-8)
Protocol trigger and decodesARINC 429, CAN, CAN-FD, CXPI, FlexRay, I²C, I³C, I²S, JTAG, LIN, MDIO, MIL-STD 1553, RFFE, RS232/UART, SENT, SPI, Quad-SPI, eSPI, SpaceWire, SPMI, SVID, USB 2.0, USB PD, eUSB2, user-definable Manchester, 10/100 Mbps ETH, 100BASE-T1 Automotive ETH
Measurements and functions Maximum at once, maximum rate, voltage (analog), time (analog, digital), mixed (analog), frequency domain/FFT , level qualification, eye diagrams, statistic modes, math;
4 digits digital voltmeter (standard), 5...10 digits counter/totalizer (standard)
Digital channel (option)16 channels (MSO), analog bandwidth 300 MHz, max. sample rate 8 GS/s, all channels, max. memory depth at 8 GS/s: 250 Mpts/channel, under 8 GS/s: 125 Mpts/channel
Waveform generator (option)Waveforms: DC, sine (12.5 mHz...50 MHz), square and pulse (0.0125 Hz...20 MHz), triangle/ramp (12.5 mHz...200 kHz), noise (40 MHz bandwidth), sinc, exponential rise/fall, cardiac, Gaussian pulse, PRBS, arbitrary (waveform length 1...122,070 points, repetition rate 12.5 mHz...12 MHz, sample rate 200 MS/s, on-screen editor or import/export of data to and from channels/memories, import/export data to and from a file (.csv), amplitude resolution 14 bit; modulation AM, FM, FSK
Display15.6"/39,6 cm full-HD capacitive multi-touch
Computer systemOperating system Windows 10; CPU Intel Core i5-6500, 3.2 GHz; system memory 8 GB; hard drive 500 GB removeable SSD, upgradeable to 1 TB SSD, additional of either are available; peripherals: Optical USB mouse and full-size keyboard provided
InterfacesLAN/Ethernet (LXI class C), 6x USB 3.0 host, 1x USB 3.0 device, audio, DisplayPort and VGA
Dimensions (mm)327 x 443 x 223; 13.75 kg (4-channel) or 14.5 kg (8-channel)

Included: Infiniium EXR series oscilloscope EXR 054A, 058A, 104A, 108A, 204A, 208A, 254A, 258A, 404A, 408A, 604A, or 608A, one N2873A 500-MHz passive probe per channel, probe accessory pouch, power cord, front panel hard cover, BNC calibration cable, keyboard and mouse, Keysight I/O libraries suite, user guide and programmer’s guide ship on oscilloscope drive, 1 year factory calibration certificate, service guide available on

Standard and Optional Features and Accessories

4-digit digital voltmeterStandard on all EXR models
10 digit countersStandard on alls EXR models
Arbitrary waveform generator, 50 MHzEXR2WAV
Logic analysis, 16 channels (includes N2756A probe)EXR2MSO
Frequency response analyzer, 50 MHzPart of D9110PWRA
or included with EXR2WAV
Phase noise analyzerPart of D9110JITA
Memory Upgrade, 200 Mpts/channelEXR2MEM-001
Memory Upgrade, 400 Mpts/channelEXR2MEM-002
Memory Upgrade, 1.6 Gpts Combined Flexible Memory EXR2MEM-004
Upgrade to 1 TB removable SSDEXR2SSD-01T
Additional removable SSDs, 500 GBEXR2SSD-500
ISO 17025 calibration (not accredited)EXR000-1A7
ISO 17025 calibration (accredited)EXR000-AMG
Rackmount kit, 8UEXR2RACK
Hard shell transit case, sold by CaseCruzer3F2002-1910C
BNC(m) to SMA(f) adaptors, DC...10 GHz54855-67604
GPIB adaptorICS model ▸4865B
Protocol analyzer
Low Speed SerialI²C, SPI, Quad SPI, eSPI, RS232, UART, JTAG, I²S, SVID, Manchester, MDIOD9110LSSP
Embedded10/100 Mbps Ethernet, USB 2.0, USB-PD, eUSB2, PCIe Gen 1, DisplayPort, AUXD9110EMBP
Low Speed AutomotiveCAN, LIN, CAN-FD, SENT, FlexRay, CAN XLD9110AUTP
MIPI C-PHY/D-PHYC-PHY/D-PHY based CSI & DSI (up to 2.5 Gbps)D9110MCDP
MIPI M-PHYCSI 3, DigRFv4, LLI, UniPro, UFS, SSIC (up to Gear 1 Speed)D9110MPMP
MilitaryARINC 429, MIL-STD 1553, SpaceWireD9110MILP
High Speed Automotive100BASE-T1 Automotive EthernetD9120AUTP
USBUSB 2.0, eUSB2, HSIC, USB-PD, USB 3.x, USB4 LS, DisplayPort, AUXD9110USBP
Basic Protocol Bundle Includes D9110LSSP, D9110EMBP, D9110MPLP, D9110MILP, D9110AUTPD9111BDLP
Add-on software
InfiniiScan Zone TriggerInfiniiScan visual and measurement-based triggeringD9110SCNA
EZJit CompleteTiming jitter, vertical noise, and phase noise analysisD9110JITA
De-EmbeddingModeling and simulating out cables, probes and fixturesD9110DMBA
Advanced Signal IntegrityOpening closed eye diagramsD9110ASIA
Power Integrity, Rails, PMICsPower integrity analysis (PSIJ, SSN, victim/aggressor, etc.)D9110POWA
Switch Mode SuppliesPower supply analysis (input, switching, output, PSRR)D9110PWRA
PAMn ApplicationPAMn measurementsD9110PAMA
User Defined ApplicationRemote measurement automation and test reportsD9110UDAA

Agilent's Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.