HIOKI 3153/3174 Automatic Insulation/Withstanding Testers

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Benefits of the 3153 and 3174 AC or AC/DC withstand voltage and insulation resistance testers

  • AC or AC/DC insulation and withstanding testers in one.
  • 3153 automatic/programmable AC/DC tester.
  • 3174: AC, low-cost solution featuring contact check functionality.

HIOKI 3153/3174 Automatic Insulation/Withstanding Testers

The HIOKI 3153 and 3174 are all-in-one devices that combines withstand voltage and insulation resistance testing. The 3153 covers AC and DC, the 3174 AC. The electrical safety testers are designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components according to various safety standards.

  • HIOKI 3153 automatic/programmable insulation/withstanding tester - AC/DC:
    • Insulation resistance test up to 9999 MΩ (50...1200 VDC).
    • Dielectric strength (AC/DC) testing, withstanding voltage test up to 5 kVAC/DC.
    • Program up to 32 files of test types, test points (50 steps), and measurement settings.
    • Optional scanner for multipoint automatic testing.
    • Uses the PWM method to generate accurate test voltages that do not depend on the supply voltage.
    • Ramp timer function for increasing or decreasing the applied voltage during dielectric strength testing at user-specified times.
  • HIOKI 3173 automatic insulation/withstanding tester - AC:
    • Insulation resistance test up to 2000 MΩ (500/1000 V).
    • Withstanding voltage test up to 5 kVAC (100 VA transformer capacity).
    • Continuous testing of insulation and withstand voltage.
    • Contact check.
    • Full remote operation when used in combination with the "Safety Test Data Management Software 9267".
    • Save up to 8 test settings each for the withstanding and insulation testing modes.
    • Precise test voltage without power voltage dependency is generated using the PWM method.

Model Overview

ModelHIOKI 3153HIOKI 3174
Withstanding testTesting voltageAC 0.2...5.00 kV, 500 VA (max. 30 min);
DC: 0.2...5.00 kV, 50 VA (continuous)
AC: 0.2 V...5.00 kV, 100 VA (continuous)
Voltage settingDigital setting (0.01 kV setting resolution)Digital setting (0.01 kV setting resolution)
Waveform/frequencySine wave (5% or less distortion, unloaded), 50/60 Hz selectableSine wave, 50/60 Hz selectable
Current measurementAC: 0.01...100.0 mA;
DC: 0.01...10.0 mA
AC: 0.01...20.0 mA
Measurement rangeAC: 10 mA (0.01 mA resolution), 100 mA (0.1 mA resolution);
DC: 10 mA (0.01 mA resolution)
AC: 10 mA (0.00...9.99 mA resolution), 20 mA, (0.0...20.0 mA, 0.1 mA resolution)
VoltmeterAC: Average rectified effective value display;
DC: Average display
AC: True RMS
Insulation testRated testing voltage50...1,200 VDC (in 1 V steps)500 VDC or 1000 VDC; unloaded voltage: 1 to 1.2 times rated voltage
Rated testing current1 mA, short-circuit current: 200 mA or less1...1.2 mA, short-circuit current: 4...5 mA (500 V), 2...3 mA (1000 V)
Measurement range/accuracy0.100...9999 MΩ, 4 ranges, ±4% rdg. (fundamental accuracy)0.5...2000 MΩ, 3 ranges, ±4% rdg./±8% rdg. (1000...2000 MΩ range)
TimerTest times may differ from set timer times depending on the load
Setting range0.3...999 s0.3...999 s
Ramp/delayTesting voltage ramp-up, or down, insulation test delay: 0.1...99.9 sTesting voltage ramp-up, or down, insulation test delay: 0.1...99.9 s
Decision methodWindow comparison method (digital specification)
InterfacesRS232C, EXT I/O, EXT SW, 3153 additional GPIB
DisplayFluorescent display tube (digital display), analog meterFluorescent display tube (digital display)
Monitor functions: Output voltage, detected current, measured resistance, refresh rate: 2 times/s
Power supply100...120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, max. 1000 VA100...240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, max. 200 VA
Dimensions (mm)320 x 155 x 480; 18 kg320 x 155 x 395; 15 kg

Included: HIOKI 3153 or 3174, power cord, instruction manual, spare fuse, high voltage test lead 9615 (high voltage side and return, 1 each); 3174: Disconnection prevention plate.