From Apprentice to Professional - from "Entry-level" Models to High-end Devices

Brand quality at a fair price

During training, the apprentice gradually acquires all the skills needed in his professional life. In the field of measurement and testing technology, this primarily involves handling the relevant instruments such as oscilloscopes, multimeters or analyzers. Even if there is no objection to trainees or students working with professional equipment from the very beginning, many manufacturers now also produce "entry-level" models or entire "EDU" series. These devices offer high-quality, industry-proven technology at an affordable price, for example Keysight, Pico Technology oder auch B+K Precision. In fact, the so-called "entry-level" models are often equipped with the same hardware and software found in professional and high-end devices. The functionality and operating concept are often designed to be consistent, so that a user who has worked on an EDU model as a student may quickly and efficiently switch to a larger professional or high-end model.

"Entry-level" devices offer professional brand quality at a fair price. They are suitable to be used by interns or in the laboratory. They are also suited for private use, for example to deepen what the student has learned. Often, so-called "EDU packages" contain some additional or even teaching material that helps trainers or lecturers to bring practical aspects to their lectures and seminars.

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Education Products and Teaching/Training Material