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PicoScope - PC oscilloscopes for all purposes

Meilhaus Electronic is your competent PicoScope distributor since USB PicoScopes exist!

The first PC-PicoScopes for USB were officially introduced at the end of 2004. Since that time Meilhaus Electronic has been your reliable partner for Pico products!
Take advantage of our experience and find the right PicoScope for your application.
Our technicians will be happy to advise you and help you with your selection.

Where power and performance meet portability!

  • 4 channels, 350 or 500 MHz bandwidth, 5 GS/s sample rate.
  • 2 GS memory depth, 8 or 10 bit resolution.
  • 40 serial protocol decoders standard.

The new PicoScope 3000E generation - powered by the PicoScope 7 software!

The Ultimate USB PC Embedded Oscilloscopes!

  • Excellent compact oscilloscopes.
  • Ideal as embedded scope, in mobile use or on the lab bench on laptop/PC.
  • With all functions of a classic benchtop device; also available as mixed-signal models.
  • Models with unique FlexRes: Flexible, selectable resolution.
  • All models with the proven PicoScope6/PicoScope7 software with a huge range of functions as standard:
    • Versatile math, statistics, automatic measurement and advanced trigger functions.
    • Mask test.
    • Serial bus decoding for many protocols including 1-wire, ARINC429, CAN/CAN-FD, BroadR-Reach (100BASE-T1), DALI, DCC, DMX512, Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX, FlexRay, I²C, I²S, LIN, PS/2, Manchester, MODBUS, SENT, SPI, UART (RS232/RS422/RS485), USB 1.1.
    • Spectrum analyzer function.
    • For Windows, also Linux and Mac-OS.
    • SDK for software developers.
    • Free upgrades.

Highend and Special Oscilloscopes

New perspectives for you debugging: PicoScope 6000E - the most powerful PiocScope ever!

  • 4 or 8 analog and 16 digital channels.
  • Up to 1 GHz bandwidth.
  • 8/10/12 bit FlexRes resolution.
  • Up to 5 GS/s, 4 GS deep memory.
  • Serial protocol decoding incl.

"In Unison" - PicoScope Hardware and Software

With the PicoScopes, two strong elements form an unbeatable unit: the robust and sophisticated USB PC oscilloscope hardware and the proven, well thought-out software.

The hardware provides the metrology hardware base with everything a good oscilloscope needs. Depending on the application and budget, different performance classes are available - from the low-cost starter instrument, also suitable for high volumes in embedded projects, to the high-end instrument for research, development and other demanding applications.

The PicoScopes get their high degree of flexibility from their software ▸PicoScope6 and now new: ▸PicoScope7. Through continuous development, new features are added all the time, making your PicoScope better and better! And that's with free software upgrades. By the way, the PicoScope6 and 7 software can be run without hardware: So you can test the software in advance without a PicoScope instrument.

The software makes many features standard for which you often have to pay extra with other manufacturers, including mask testing or serial bus decoding for an ever-growing number of protocols, for example. The software runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. In addition, an SDK is available for programmers of their own systems for the three operating systems.

Pico RF T&M Technology


  • 6 or 8.5 GHz vector network analyzer.
  • Up to 118 or 124 dB dynamic range.
  • Modular, for USB 2.0. Compact and sturdy housing.

Modular for USB/PC: RF and pre-compliance test and measurement - compact and affordable.

PicoLog Dataloggers - Now With Access to PicoLog Cloud

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