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Cleverscope Product Line

Cleverscope product line

The Clever Oscilloscope!

  • Cleverscope PC oscilloscopes and PC mixed signal oscilloscopes for USB and Ethernet.
  • Modular design - individal configuration according to application and budget:
    • 10, 12, or 14 bit sampler.
    • 4 or 8 MS memory.
    • USB 2.0 oder Ethernet/LAN.
    • Additionals sine or signal generator.
    • 2 devices can be linked as 4-channel oscilloscope.
  • New model Cleverscope CS448 with full isolation:
    • Isolated (channel-to-channel) up to 1 kV. 100 dB CMRR (50 MHz).
    • 4 channels, 2 devices can be linked as 8-channel oscilloscope.
    • 14 bit resolution, 200 MHz bandwidth, 500 MS/s.
    • MSO: 8 isolated digital channels.
    • Signal generator and datalogger function (SD card).
    • USB 3.0 and Ethernet oer copper (10/100/1000 Mb/s) and fiber (1 Gb/s).
  • Easy to use Cleverscope Windows software, DLL, and LabVIEW drivers.

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