Cleverscope CS328A, USB/LAN, 12/14 bit, 100 MS/s, MSO

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Benefits of the Cleverscope CS328A for Mobile Applications with a Laptop or Stationary Applications on the Lab Bench

  • PC oscilloscope for USB 2.0 or Ethernet. Resolution 12 or 14 bit.
  • Ideal for mixed signal applications: 8 digital channels standard.
  • Models with sine or signal generator.

Cleverscope CS328A, USB/LAN, 12/14 bit, 100 MS/s, MSO

Looking for a compact, modular scope to replace your bulky "classic" oscilloscope? The Cleverscope has 2 channels - you can also cascade 2 scopes and get a 4-channel device. Or add a signal generator or digital channels for mixed-signal applications. The Cleverscope connects to the PC via USB or Ethernet/LAN.

  • Two channels, available with a 12 or 14 bit sampler.
  • Simultaneous sampling with 100 MS/s. AC or DC coupling.
  • Automatic gain between 20 mV to 800 V (FS).
  • Automatic offset between 0 to ±4 or 40 V in steps of 10/100 mV.
  • Deep 4 or 8 MSamples memory per channel.
  • Very flexible mixed-signal triggering.
  • View small AC signals superimposed on large DC or AC offset.
  • Self-calibrating.
  • Probes included.
  • Mixed siganl: 8 digital inputs (100 MS/s), selectable threshold between 0...8 V in steps of 10 mV for mixed-signal applications.
  • Models with signal (0...10 MHz, sine, square, triangle) or sine generator module.
  • Upgradeable firmware.
  • Connects to the PC via USB 2.0 or 10/100 Mbit ethernet/LAN (isolated from PC).

Model Overview

ModelAnalog channelsResolutionSample rateMemoryDigital channelsSignal generatorInterfaceProbes incl.
CS328A-XS214 bit100 MS/s8 MS8CS700AUSB 2.0 (CS740)2x CS1001 and CS1004/5
CS328A-XSi214 bit100 MS/s8 MS8CS701USB 2.0 (CS740)2x CS1001 and CS1004/5
CS328A-XSE214 bit100 MS/s8 MS8CS700Aisol. ethernet (CS741)2x CS1001 and CS1004/5
CS328A-XSEi214 bit100 mS/s8 MS/s8CS701isol. ethernet (CS741)2x CS1001 and CS1004/5
CS328A-FRA212 bit100 MS/s8 MS8CS701USB 2.0 (CS740)2x CS1001 and CS1004/5
CS328A212 bit100 MS/s8 MS8-USB 2.0 (CS740)2x CS1001 and CS1004/5
CS328AE212 bit100 MS/s8 MS8-isol. ethernet (CS741)2x CS1001 and CS1004/5

Included: Modular oscilloscope with features and probes see table above, power adaptor, USB models: USB cable, user manual. CS300 application software on CD.
Software: For Windows - software CS300 - oscilloscope and spectrum-analyzer displays. Web-server for remote viewing of ethernet/LAN connected units. DLL. LabVIEW driver.

Upgrades - at Time of Order Only!

CS800Upgrade to 8 MSample memory
CS810Ext. sample clock interface 1...105 MHz sinus/square 0.5...3 V
CS714UUpgrade to 100 MHz, 14 bit 2-channel sampler
CS741UUpgrade to ethernet interface, 10/100 Mbit/s, isolated from PC


CS700ASignal generator (0...10 MHz, sine, square, triangle)
CS701Sine wave generator isolated 300 VRMS (0...65 MHz sine)
CS714100 MHz, 14 bit 2-channel Sampler
CS740USB 2.0 interface module
CS741Upgrade to ethernet interface, includes new back panel. Please supply existing serial number!