RedLab Product Line - USB and Ethernet DAQ Systems ("Minlabs")

RedLab DAQ systems for USB or Ethernet/LAN

Web, Remote, IIoT

  • Ethernet temperature datalogger, remote access via standard web-browser.
  • Direct connection of thermocouples, no additiona signal-conditioning required.
  • Ideal for IoT/IIoT, remote building, process monitoring etc.

16 thermocouple inputs, four isolated digital-I/Os for trigger and alarm. Alarming/notification with email or SMS.

The RedLab DAQ Minilabs

  • Compact DAQ systems, USB-minilabs for USB, Wireless-USB and Ethernet/LAN.
  • Stand-alone datalogger models.
  • Inputs for voltage, sensors, temperatur and others.
  • User manuals in German for all models.
  • Versatile support software.

The Matching Software