ITECH IT-M3200 Series High Precision DC Power Supplies

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Benefits of the IT-M3200 DC Precision Power Sources up to 360 W

  • Maximum power 360 W with current readback resolution down to 10 nA
  • Independent control of multiple channels, up to 16 channels.
  • Support multiple communication protocols like CANopen, LXI, SCPI.

ITECH IT-M3200 Series High Precision DC Power Supplies

Models ITECH IT-M3223, iT-M3233, IT-M3243

With the IT-M3000 series, ITECH offers a family of versatile power products from DC power supplies, regenerative bidirectional power systems up to electronic regenerative loads.
The IT-M3200 series are high-precision programmable DC power supplies up to 360 W with current readback up to 10 nA. The IT-M3200 has a flexible, very compact module architecture with high power and low ripple and noise. The devices have an independent multi-channel design, and support synchronous operationation. Up to 16 channels meet customization needs. The IT-M3200 can be used on a wide field of apllications such as 3C products, semiconductor devices, 5G, IOT, and medical electronic devices.

  • Mini size of ½U and power up to 360 W.
  • Low ripple, low noise.
  • High resolution, high accuracy and high stability.
  • Current readback resolution down to 10 nA.
  • Four-position current range Low/Middle/High/Auto.
  • CC/CV priority setting function.
  • Foldback protection.
  • Adjustable rise/fall time to achieve soft start/stop.
  • Multi-channel independent control, up to 16 channels.
  • Support different timing output of each channel to realize synchronous or proportional tracking.
  • LIST function.
  • Support CANopen, LXI, SCPI, and other communication protocols.
  • Five optional interface cards available for RS232, CAN, Ethernet/LAN, GBPI/IEEE488, USB_TMC, USB_VCP, RS485, external analog and I/O communication.
  • Multiple protection functions OVP, OCP, OTP, OPP, UVP, UCP.

Model Overview

IT-M322360 V10 A100 W
IT-M323360 V10 A200 W
IT-M324360 V10 A360 W