ITECH IT-M3100 Series DC Power Supplies

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Benefits of the IT-M3100 DC Power Sources up to 850 W

  • Up to 100 steps LIST operation, supports output of various dynamic waveforms.
  • High speed test, up to 10 times per second and supports CC/CV loop speed and priority setting.
  • Battery charging test function

ITECH IT-M3100 Series DC Power Supplies

With the IT-M3000 series, ITECH offers a family of versatile power products from DC power supplies, regenerative bidirectional power systems up to electronic regenerative loads.
The DC power supply IT-M3100 series consists of 12 models, providing 6 voltages grades, and can be combined to achieve a variety of output power. It has a flexible modular architecture, independent multi-channel design, and supports synchronous operation. Users can configure each channel according to the test requirements of theis DUT, up to max. 16x16 channels, to meet the needs of customized solutions. It has a wide range of application values and is suitable for a variety of applications such as research and development, design verification and automatic test systems intergration.

  • 1U half-rack, ultra-compact size.
  • Adjustable rising/falling speed of output current.
  • High speed test, up to 10 times per second.
  • Up to 100 steps LIST operation, support output of various dynamic waveforms.
  • Support CC/CV loop speed and priority setting.
  • Parallel operation can be easily controlled by one unit.
  • Independent control of multi-channels; one communication card can control up to 16 channels, max. 256 channels.
  • Support output of different timings of each channel; can synchronize or delay the output, and supports the output of different ratios of voltage.
  • Support CANopen, LXI, SCPI, and other communication protocols.
  • Five optional cards, providing RS232, CAN, Ethernet/LAN, GBPI/IEEE488, USB_TMC, USB_VCP, RS485, external analog and I/O communication interfaces.
  • Support TRACE function, can draw voltage and current waveforms in real time (supported by program).
  • Battery charging test function.
  • Software watchdog provides more reliable and safe automatic battery test solution.
  • Various protection functions such as OVP, ±OCP, ±OPP, OTP.
  • Provide self-locking function. When the device is self-locked, the device will not be able to output.

Model Overview

IT-M311020 V100 A400 W
IT-M312020 V100 A850 W
IT-M311130 V70 A400 W
IT-M312130 V70 A850 W
IT-M311280 V22 A400 W
IT-M3112S60 V20 A200 W
IT-M312280 V22 A850 W
IT-M3120S60 V35 A800 W
IT-M3113150 V12 A400 W
IT-M3123150 V12 A850 W
IT-M3114300 V6 A400 W
IT-M3124300 V6 A850 W
IT-M3115600 V3 A400 W
IT-M3125600 V3 A850 W