Keysight 849x/8490x Series RF and Microwave Attenuators

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Keysight Coaxial Fixed and Step Attenuators

The Keysight 849x/8490x Series coaxial fixed and step attenuators can be used in a wide variety of signal conditioning and level control applications. Attenuators are generally used to reduce signal levels, improve matching impedances of sources and loads, and measure the gain or loss of two-port devices.

Keysight Coaxial Fixed Attenuators

Keysight Models 8490 D/G, 8491 A/B, 8493 A/B/C, 8498A

FrequencyDC...12.4 GHzDC...12.4 GHzDC...18 GHzDC...18 GHzDC...18 GHzDC...26.5 GHzDC...50 GHzDC...67 GHz
Attenuation accuracy
3 dB0.
6 dB0.
10 dB0.
20 dB0.
30 dB1.
40 dB1.5-1.5--1.342.542.5
50 dB1.5-1.5-----
60 dB2.0-2.0-----
Max. SWR1.301.301.501.501.301.251.451.45
Max. input average power2 W2 W2 W2 W25 W2 W1 W1 W
Max. input peak power100 W100 W100 W100 W125 W100 W100 W100 W
RF connectorsN (m, f)SMA (m, f)N (m, f)SMA (m, f)N (m, f)3.5 mm (m, f)2.4 mm (m, f)1.85 mm (m, f)

Keysight Manual Step Attenuators

Keysight Models 8494 A/B, 8495 A/B/D, 8496 A/B

FrequencyDC...4 GHzDC...4 GHzDC...4 GHzDC...18 GHzDC...18 GHzDC...18 GHzDC...26.5 GHz
Attenuation range0...11 dB0...70 dB0...110 dB0...11 dB0...70 dB0...110 dB0...70 dB
Attenuation step1 dB10 dB10 dB1 dB10 dB10 dB10 dB
Insertion loss at 0 dB0.96 dB0.68 dB0.96 dB2.22 dB1.66 dB2.22 dB3.95 dB
Max. SWR1.501.351.501.901.701.902.20
Max. input average power1 W1  W1 W1 W1 W1 W1 W
Max. input peak power100 W100 W100 W100 W100 W100 W100 W
Operating life (n million cycles/section)5555555
Repeatability (5 million cycles per section)0.03 dB0.03 dB0.03 dB0.03 dB0.03 dB0.03 dB0.03 dB to 18 GHz, 0.05 dB to 26.5 GHz

Keysight Programmable Step Attenuators

Keysight Models 8494 G/H, 8495 G/H/K, 8496 G/H

FrequencyDC...4 GHzDC...4 GHzDC...4 GHzDC...18 GHzDC...18 GHzDC...18 GHzDC...26.5 GHzDC...26.5 GHz
Attenuation range0...11 dB0...70 dB0...110 dB0...11 dB0...70 dB0...110 dB0...70 dB0...90 dB
Attenuation step1 dB10 dB10 dB1 dB10 dB10 dB10 dB10 dB
Insertion loss at 0 dB0.96 dB0.68 dB0.96 dB2.22 dB1.66 dB2.22 dB3.95 dB2.79 dB
Max. SWR1.501.351.501.901.701.902.201.80
Max. input average power1 W1 W1 W1 W1 W1 W1 W1 W
Max. input peak power100 W100 W100 W100 W100 W100 W100 W100 W
Operation life (n million cycles/section)55555555
Repeatability0. to 18 GHz, 0.05 to 26.5 GHz0.03 to 18 GHz, 0.05 to 26.5 GHz

Keysight Models 84904 K/L/M, 84905M, 84906 K/L, 84907 K/L, 84908M

FrequencyDC...26.5 GHzDC...26.5 GHzDC...40 GHzDC...40 GHzDC...40 GHzDC...50 GHzDC...50 GHzDC...50 GHz
Attenuation range0...90 dB0...70 dB0...11 dB0...90 dB0...70 dB0...11 dB0...60 dB0...65 dB
Attenuation step10 dB10 dB1 dB10 dB10 dB1 dB10 dB5 dB
Insertion loss at 0 dB1.86 dB1.40 dB2.40 dB2.40 dB1.80 dB3.00 dB2.60 dB3.00 dB
Max. SWR2.001.902.002.001.903.002.603.00
Max. input average power1 W1 W1 W1 W1 W1 W1 W1 W
Max. input peak power50 W50 W50 W50 W50 W50 W50 W50 W
Operation life (n million cycles/section)55555555

Options on request, please call.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is an attenuator?

Answer: An attenuator is connected into a signal path and reduces the signal level or amplitude. The attenuation is constant over a wide frequency range (in contrast to frequency-dependent circuits such as filters). Attenuation is expressed in dB (decibels), a logarithmic auxiliary unit of measure for the ratio of two similar quantities. In the simplest case, an attenuator is a voltage divider. For higher frequency applications, impedance matching must also be considered: In the RF range, input and output impedance must be equal to the wave impedance of the lines.

Question: What is a step attenuator?

Answer: Fixed attenuators have a fixed attenuation. In contrast, step attenuators are switchable combinations of attenuators that can be used to set a desired attenuation. Depending on the design, the setting can be made manually or can be programmed via an interface.

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies.