B+K Precision MDL4U Series Modular DC Load System

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Benfits of the B+K Precision MDL4U Series Programmable DC Load Mainframe and Electronic Load Modules

  • Modular load for easy system configurability.
  • Support for up to 16 channels using dual channel modules with mainframe extension.
  • Total power up to 2400 W or 4800 W with extension.

B+K Precision MDL4U Series Modular DC Load System

Models B+K Precision MDL4U001 and MDL4U002 (Mainframe and Extension)

The basic unit of the B+K Precision MDL4 modular load system is a mainframe MDL4U001 with 4 slots for load-modules. The mainframe can be easily configured with any assortment of modules up to 2400 W (up to 4800 W with the MDL4U002 mainframe extension). The mainframe includes standard LAN/Ethernet, USBTMC-compliant USB, RS232, and GPIB interfaces that support SCPI command protocol.

Models B+K Precision MDL4U200, MDL4U252, MDL4U302, MDL4U305, MDL4U400, MDL4U505, MDL4U600 Load Modules

Seven different single- and dual-channel DC load modules are available and range in power from 200 W to 600 W. These modules are equipped with versatile operating modes: Constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CW), and constant impedance (CZ) mode, which uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear loads and realistic loading behaviour. Using dual-channel modules and the mainframe extension, up to 16 channels are available. The system supports an adjustable slew rate (in CC mode), transient mode operation (up to 25 kHz), and a high resolution 16 bit measurement system.

The high power density design saves bench or rack space, and provides users with a lower overall cost compared to stand alone bench solutions. Additionally, rack-mount brackets with handles are included with the MDL4U001 mainframe and MDL4U002 mainframe extension, allowing for easy mounting into a 4 U rack space in a variety of applications and industries including aerospace, military, automotive, solar, and electronics manufacturing. They are also ideal for testing and characterizing DC power sources such as multi-output AC/DC power supplies, batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaic arrays.

  • Modular load system with 4-slot mainframe, 4-slot extension and 7 model types of removable load modules.
  • Power range up to 2400 W or 4800 W with extension.
  • Load modules voltage range up to 500 V.
  • Load modules current range up to 120 A.
  • CC/CV/CR/CW/CZ operating modes (constant current, voltage, resistance, power, or impedance).
  • Operate identical modules in parallel mode for high current applications.
  • Synchronous load on/off function.
  • Transient mode up to 25 kHz.
  • List mode (sequence mode) - minimum 20 µs step width with 84 user programmable steps.
  • Adjustable slew rate in CC mode.
  • 16 bit voltage and current measurement system providing high resolution of 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA.
  • Automatic test function.
  • 101 memory locations to save/recall setting parameters.
  • Remote sense.
  • OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP (over voltage/current/power/temperatur protection) and reverse voltage protection.
  • Analog current control and monitoring.
  • Standard LAN/Ethernet, USB, GPIB, and RS232 interfaces with USBTMC/SCPI protocol support.
  • Rack-mount brackets with handles included.

Model Overview

MDL4U001Mainframe for MDL4U DC load modules(4 modules)up to 2400 W--
MDL4U002Mainframe extension for MDL4U DC load modules(4 modules)up to 2400 W, up to 4800 W in total--
MDL4U200Load module1200 W80 V40 A
MDL4U252Load module2*250 W80 V20 A
MDL4U302Load module2*300 W80 V45 A
MDL4U305Load module1300 W500 V20 A
MDL4U400Load module1400 W80 V60 A
MDL4U505Load module1500 W500 V30 A
MDL4U600Load module1600 W80 V120 A

* Dual-channel modules.
MDL4U252 users can allocate 250 W to either channel up to 300 W total (eg. 50 W/250 W, 250 W/50 W, 150 W/150 W).
MDL4U302 users can allocate 300 W to either channel up to 600 W total (eg. 300 W/300 W).

The MDL4U Series is replacing the legacy MDL Series. MDL Series (non-4U) modules are not compatible with newer MDL4U Series mainframe model MDL4U001 or mainframe extension model MDL4U002.

Included: Mainframe MDL4U001: Power cord, USB cable and certificate of calibration. Mainframe extension MDL4U002: Power cord, mainframe extension cable certificate of calibration. Load modules not included, have to be ordered according to individual configuration requirements.