PicoScope 6402C 4-Channel USB PC Oscilloscope, 250MHz

Obsolete - not available
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EOL/obsolete. Recommended replacement product: ▸PicoScope 6000E series


  • Highend USB PC oscilloscope up to 250 MHz.
  • With USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface.
  • 4 channels, 4 probes included.

250 MHz Highend USB PC Oscilloscope - with SuperSpeed USB 3.0!

PicoScope 6402C oscilloscopes offer 256 MS ultra-deep memory for long time capture at high sample rates. Hardware acceleration, coupled with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, means that the PicoScope 6402C series oscilloscopes can maintain fast update rates, even with long memory enabled. They offer realtime sample rates up to 5 GS/s and a high bandwidth of 250 MHz.

  • PC oscilloscopes with 4 channels, metal housing. Incl. carrying case, Windows software and probes.
  • 5 GS/s sample rate (1 channel) or 2.5 GS/s (2 channels), 1.25 GS/s (3 or 4 channels).
  • 250 MHz bandwidth.
  • Deep buffer memory up to 256 MS.
  • Resolution 8 bit (12 bit enhanced).
  • Versatile mathematics, statistics, automatic measurement and trigger functions standard, included in the PicoScope software.
  • Mask limit test standard.
  • Serial bus decoding standard: 1-Wire, ARINC 429, CAN, DCC, DMX512, Ethernet 10Base-T and 100Base-TX, FlexRay, I²C, I²S, LIN, PS/2, SENT, SPI, UART (RS232/RS422/RS485), USB protocol.
  • Integrated function generator.
  • Integrated spectrum analyzer with 250 MHz.
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface.
  • Incl. the versatile PicoScope6 software for Windows and Linux as well as the SDK/software developer kit for programmers/developers.
  • Multiple language support, incl. German.

Model Overview

Model Channels Bandwidth Rate, 1 channel* Buffer memory Max. buffer segment Function generator Arbitrary waveform generator USB
PicoScope 6402C PP884 4 250 MHz 5 GS/s 256 MS 250,000 DC...20 MHz
(sine, square, triangle, DC)
- - 3.0
PicoScope 6402D PP885 4 250 MHz 5 GS/s 512 MS 500,000 Ramp, sinc, Gauss, halfsine, white noise, PRBS 64 kS buffer size, 200 MS/s rate, 12 bit, 20 MHz bandwidth

* 5 GS/s (1 channel), 2.5 GS/s (2 channels), 1.25 GS/s (3 or 4 channels), max. equivalent time sampling (ETS) 50 GS/s.

Included: USB oscilloscope, 4 probes, USB cable, external power supply, carrying case, software/user manual (download).

Windows: PicoScope for Windows. Software development kit (SDK). Windows 7, 8 or 10 recommended.
Mac OS X: PicoScope for Mac OS X. Software development kit (SDK). Mac OS X 10.9 or 10.10 recommended.
Linux: PicoScope for Linux. Software development kit (SDK). For information on supported Linux distributions, please ask.
The SDK example code shows how to interface to third-party software packages such as Microsoft Excel, LabVIEW and MathWorks MATLAB and programming languages like C, C#, C++, and Visual Basic .NET.