RedCube VIBRA Mini Logger Vibration

Obsolete - not available
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EOL/obsolete, not available anymore


  • For transportation monitoring: Datalogging of vibration.
  • For vibration-sensitive goods.
  • Mobile with battery and infrared. Windows software.

Wireless, Mobile Mini Dataloggers RedCube VIBRA for Vibration - IrDA compatible

Use the RedCube VIBRA as mobile or stationary mini loggers to measure and store vibration/movement 0...65000 vibrations/periode. Transmit the measurement data via wireless infrared to your PC. The protocol is compatible with IrDA. The RedCubes have a battery and are small, light and can also be operated by unexperienced PC users.

  • Dataloggers measure and store vibration/movement 0...65000 vibrations/periode.
  • Functions: Acquisition/measurement, storage (recording/logging) with longtime memory, data transfer to a PC via IrDA infrared.
  • Storage of 32000 measurement values.
  • Software for Windows included.


  • Storage rooms: Longtime logging of temperature/humidity.
  • Operation data (temperature, vibration) of devices, PCs, network servers, motors etc.
  • Environmental technology, agriculture/farming, rooms and buildings, greenhouses, stables etc.
  • Transportation (vibration, insurenaces).
  • In labs and experiments.
    and many others.

Model Specifications

Model RedCube VIBRA
Measurement Vibration/movement
Range 0...65000 vibrations per periode
Accuracy -
Resolution 1 vibration per storage intervall
Battery Lithium 3.6 V, >950 mAh 1/2 AA replaceable
Measurement/storage interval 1 s...24 h programmable
Delay 1 s... 6 months
Storage 32,000 values
Data transmission Infrared
Display/configuration for Windows
Size (mm) 31 x 31 x 31, approx. 25 g (incl. battery)
Connectors -

Included: RedCube in one of the versions as described, battery, CD with software and instructions for use.
Software: RedCube software for Windows - PC data transfer, RedCube configuration, data display and export.


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