RM - Rigol Rack Mounting Kits

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Rack Mounting Kits for Rigol Instruments

Model Overview

Model For the Rigol devices...
RM-DS6 Oscilloscope series DS6000
RM-DS4 Oscilloscope series DS4000 und MSO4000
RM-DS2000 Oscilloscope series DS2000
RM-DS1000Z Oscilloscope series DS1000Z
RM-DG Signal generator series DG2000, DG1000
RM-DG5 Signal generator series DG5000
RM-DG4 Signal generator series DG4000
RM-1-DG1000Z Signal generator series DG1000Z (for one device)
RM-2-DG1000Z Signal generator series DG1000Z (for two devices)
RM-DSG3000 RF signal generator series DSG3000
RM-DSA1000 (= Rigol code: DSA1000-RMSA) spectrum analyzer series DSA1000
RM-DSA800 (= Rigol code: DSA800-RMSA) spectrum analyzer series DSA800
RM-DM3 Digital multimeter series DM3000
RM-1-DP800 Power supply series DP800, DP900, DP2000
RM-2-DP800 Power supply series DP800, DP900, DP2000
RM-1-DP700 Power supply series DP700, for a single instrument
RM-2-DP700 Power supply series DP700, for two instruments
RM-3-DP700 Power supply series DP700, for three instruments
RM-DP1 Power supply series DP1000
RM-2-M300 DAQ/switching system M300 (for two devices)
RM6041 RSA5000 realtime spectrum-analyzers
RM2031DSG5000 RF signal generators

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